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February 27

Rise from dust in this new Sine Mora teaser

Klei Entertainment announces Mark of the Ninja

Crimson Dragon officially debuted

I Am Alive dev diary recommends thinking before shooting

New Diabolical Pitch screenshots bring the heat

February 28

Sega launching graffiti contest for Jet Set Radio‘s XBLA release

Quantum Conundrum entering our dimension this summer

Trials Evolution launching in April 2012

Marketplace listing proves Deep Black isn’t sunk yet

Dark Energy Digital facing administration

February 29

XBLA Wednesday

Rumor: Trials Evolution arriving April 18 *Updated*

Shoot Many Robots goes customization crazy

Sega and Arkedo unveil Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Microsoft: XBLA will continue to evolve then die

March 1

5th Cell’s Hybrid has an upcoming beta

Rayman 3 HD shows off its powers

The Splatters arriving April 11

Take a peek at the Hulk table in Pinball FX 2

Former Lionhead devs form Another Place Production

Dungeon Defenders DLC details emerge from their magic lamp

This Counter-Strike: Global Offensive montage is all about guns

March 2

Witness a cooperative assault in new split-screen Awesomenauts trailer

Jet Set Radio‘s tag-heavy new trailer



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