You approach a stranger in I Am Alive‘s Haventon. He’s a dirty, grungy type of wanderer bearing a knife. You could unholster that pistol at your side and unload a few rounds into him. Oh yes, you could do that. Thing is, you might actually only have a few rounds on you. So then what’s your course of action once he’s lying in a pool of his own blood and his menacing buddies come ambling out from around the corner? Uh-oh.

Furthermore, what if the stranger wasn’t a bad guy at all? Judging the true intentions of wanderers in Darkworks’ action-adventure title won’t be easy, and players will have to carefully scope out situations before acting. Well, if they want to live long enough to get a crack at sizing up the next poor soul wandering the city’s wastes they will, anyways.

The creative minds behind the March 7 release use this new developer diary to explore some of the thinking gamers are well-advised to conduct before opening fire on random passersby. There’s also some talk in there about I Am Alive‘s traditional health system and the dangers of letting the stamina meter bleed dry. Additionally, the team talks up the high level of competition in the genre which led the studio to develop what Producer Sergei Titarenko calls “something that is truly unique.”

Source: Xbox 360 Achievements