Further information about upcoming XBLA game Crimson Dragon was revealed at an event in Tokyo yesterday. Previously known as Project Draco the kinect game was officially renamed at the event by lead developer at Grounding Inc, Yukio Futatsugi. We knew all about that already thanks to the Australian ratings board, but it was also revealed that the game plays as an on-rails shooter with online multiplayer co-op for up to three players. The game hosts six different dragon types to play with, each with different attributes and three of these were demonstrated at the event: the balanced “Blood Skin”, strong but slow “Dark Shoulder” and “Snow Wing” who excels in learning new skills. Futatsugi favoured Snow Wing, for its learning ability since new skills can be gained by eating food in the game, though it’s not guaranteed to take every time.

Famitsu also published a wealth of new screens for the game and you can check these out after the jump.

Source: Famitsu translated for XBLA Fans by @Lifelower