Ronimo Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming MOBA title Awesomenauts, which showcases the game’s split-screen cooperative mode. In Awesomenauts, you’ll be able to team up with two friends to take the fight to opposing forces both online over Xbox Live, and offline via local split-screen. This particular trailer shows off the characters Clunk, Froggy G, Leon and Lonestar combining their might. To be taken to each individual character’s spotlight trailer, simply click their name above.

For those unfamiliar, Awesomenauts is a side-scrolling MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that will mark one of the first entries by the genre into the console scene. Made popular by games such as DOTA and League of Legends, MOBA games allow you to select a character with which you’ll fight alongside teammates and NPC allies to make your way into enemy territory and capture objectives. Along the way you’ll level up and gain new abilities by defeating enemies, with each round you play representing a completely new and unpredictable set of of challenges that require you to be able to think, act, and strategize on the fly. Awesomenauts is currently without a release date, but the game is due to release this year.