Developer Epic Games has recently announced the High Stakes Event coming to Fortnite Battle Royale next week. Presently there isn’t much detail into what exactly the event is per say with its new game mode, though there are details as to what all comes with the events arrival and what types of rewards players can expect to unlock. When the High Stakes event goes live, it will bring with it the Getaway LTM, the Wild Card Outfit, and various High Stakes challenges. The High Stakes event will mark the 2nd event for season five, aside from Fortnite’s 1st birthday which we saw back in July.

The Wild Card outfit is interesting, simply based on how well it fits the theme of the event. The different mask styles are based on the various suits of cards. Heart, Club, Spade, and Diamond. Don the mask of the card suit you prefer best. The body style of the outfit is similar to the level 100 battle pass character, “The Reaper” from season three, except the suit is white. The face is similar to that of the new starter pack character Ace which given the name, shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Wild Card outfit will need to be purchased from the item shop but comes included with the cuff case back-bling and the safecracker glider.

Similar to the 1st Birthday event, High Stakes will have three challenges available for players to complete. The tasks are of minimal difficulty, so all three are easy enough to complete over time. Below is a list of the three challenges being offered during the event, as well as the rewards players will receive for completing them. Completing all three unlocks an additional reward.

  • Play 10 matches of The Getaway LTM. (Reward: 5,000 XP)
  • Deal 500 damage to jewel carrying opponents. (Reward: High Stakes spray)
  • Pick up a jewel in five different matches of The Getaway LTM. (Reward: High Stakes Contrail)
  • Complete all three High Stakes challenges. (Reward: High Stakes crowbar harvesting tool)

The Getaway LTM is a unique new concept for Fortnite Battle Royale. Consider the mode to be like a bank heist with your squad. You roam around the map seeking out different supply drops which look like safes. Four jeweled llamas are spread out throughout the map in these supply drops. Players will be required to open the drop, grab the llama and make their way to a Getaway Van in the sky. The four teams that manage to collect jeweled llamas and safely extract them will achieve victory royale.

Presently, there’s no word on how long the event will last. Season Five of Fortnite is set to end in as little as four weeks on September 25th and it’s clear there’s still plenty in store for players. Aside from the event, it was also announced during Fortnite Summer Skirmish at PAX, that a grappling hook will be coming to Fortnite. The item does exactly what you think it would by grappling a player on top of a structure. The downside to the item is that it does take up one of your five inventory slots. Stay tuned for more information regarding the High Stakes event and when it goes live.


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