As season five of Fortnite Battle Royale draws closer and closer to its end, we are once again met with more weekly challenges. Week six presents itself with more of the same. This week, however, will give you the opportunity to put those stone heads to use; it also will give you the opportunity to put your running, jumping and building skills to the test with some rather interesting time trials. Eliminating opponents at a specific location makes its return, along with the ever constant chest looting challenge. Let’s take a look at all the challenges presented in week six.

Deal Headshot Damage to Opponents

Not really much of a challenge, nor is a guide really needed. Simply aim for your opponents’ heads. This challenge is easily completed by shooting enemies standing still in that ball-shaped melon on the top of their head, or by downing them and shooting them in the head while they’re crawling on the ground. Using a weapon with a scope can make this easier, as enemies won’t expect a shot ringing in from a distance.


Harvest building resources with a pickaxe

Another challenge that really needs no explanation. Unless you’re trying to play Fortnite like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you most likely harvest materials each and every game. This will take a few matches to complete, but simply harvesting anything made of wood, stone, or metal will give you progress towards this challenge. The only structures that do not grant materials upon destruction are player-built structures.


Search where the Stone Heads are looking

The only aspect that makes this challenge difficult is knowing where every stone head is located, and in what direction each one is looking in. Thankfully these statues have been present since the start of season five, so players should have had plenty of time to pinpoint exactly where they all are looking. In case you haven’t been paying close attention, or if you’re stumped as to where it all points to, here is a map to help. You want to look on the hill a little to the southwest of Salty Springs.


Search Chests in Lonely Lodge

Lonely Lodge, the place that really only gets any attention the moment there is a challenge active. Any other ordinary day, this place is considerably empty. The location does offer 12 different chests for the taking, though with everyone landing here, these are sure to go fast. Landing on the tower may seem like the best bet, but considering its height, a lot of players tend to go here. Landing on the western cliff next to tents should normally net a chest, and considering there’s another right underneath a cave, it can lead to the potential of collecting two in one trip. Here is the outline of chests for Lonely Lodge.

  1. Inside the lodge on a balcony/ledge. Break the wall upstairs or build a staircase up to it to access.
  2. Behind a wall in the back of the western room.
  3. Behind a wall opposite the stairs, simply break the upper part of the wall to access.
  4. Under the roof of the western triangle hut. Build up and destroy the roof to access.
  5. Inside of a building directly south of the main lodge. The chest is upstairs in a room behind a metal shelf.
  6. On top of the cliff on the western end of the area, next to some tents and an old campfire.
  7. Inside of a cave directly beneath the western cliff.
  8. Under the roof of the southern triangle hut. Build up and destroy the roof to access.
  9. In the middle of the tower, destroy a wooden support to access.
  10. Top of the tower behind the lookout building.
  11. Inside the lookout building on a shelf.
  12. Under the roof of the eastern triangle hut. Build up and destroy the roof to access.


Complete timed trials

The time trials offered as part of this week’s challenges will have you feeling relative to old-time trials from classic games. Personally, most feel like something straight from a game like Crackdown given the 3rd person perspective and the amount of verticality required to reach the checkpoints. These challenges are simply starting from a blue stopwatch, holding X to activate the challenge, and then running from checkpoint to checkpoint. The time trial closest to Tomato Town requires an ATK to complete successfully. The trials near Shifty Shafts and Junk Junction both require the player to build up to the various checkpoints. Be sure to bring plenty of materials, and potentially a vehicle if you can find one. Also be aware it may take multiple attempts to successfully complete a timed trial. Here is a map to pinpoint you to every trials location. There are seven total, and only five need to be completed. Good luck!

Minigun or Light Machine Gun Eliminations

After the nerf the minigun received for headshot damage yesterday, the weapon still appears functional, but only if you’re fighting an opponent with no shields. Really, neither of these weapons work great against shielded opponents. Sure they have a fast fire rate, but they have too much spread at medium to long ranges, and their damage numbers aren’t really of shock value. The best course of action to take when completing a challenge such as this is to down the opponent with another weapon and finish them with the LMG or minigun. If you’re playing 50v50 (or Soaring 50’s as its currently called), it can be easier to down an opponent with either weapon as people tend to stand still more in this mode. Here are the two weapons you want to be on the lookout for.

Eliminate Opponents in Tilted Towers

Here we are. Tilted Towers. The bane of most Fortnite players existence. With the challenge this week, you can expect a heavier amount of enemies dropping than normal. Tilted Towers is the one place its better recommended to not go for floor loot but to consult the nearest chest for a viable weapon to eliminate opponents with. Thankfully there are plenty of chests to go around. Chests are everywhere. Most buildings have 3 or 4 in them, and there are even some pretty interestingly hid ones where you wouldn’t think to look. Simply eliminate three enemies while staying within the boundaries of Tilted Towers. Here is a map of the various chest locations and where to find them.

  1. In the coffee shop underneath the basketball court. Go behind the counter and into the back room to find this chest.
  2. Behind a broken wall at the southern part of the inside of the coffee shop. Listen for the chest, and destroy the wall to find the chest.
  3. Go into the building and all the way up the stairs. At the top of the stairs take the door on the right and you’ll end up outside on a balcony. Destroy the wall to the right of the balcony to expose the chest behind some wooden pallets.
  4. On the first floor apartment. Go into the building, but instead of taking the stairs, go into the room ahead of you, proceed to the room in the back, the chest is in that bedroom.
  5. In the middle of the courtyard.
  6. Underneath the red stone floor on the right closest to the underpass.
  7. On the back of a truck to the west.
  8. Crouch under the garage door on the west side of this building. Go down and around, and the chest will be on the back of a truck.
  9. On a ledge on the top floor of the building.
  10. Inside the top of the clock tower. Destroy the roof or one of the windowed sides to access.
  11. Inside the top of the clock tower. Destroy the roof or one of the windowed sides to access.
  12. Inside the middle portion of the clock tower. Either destroy the side walls or drop down to it from the top of the clock tower.
  13. In the gas station behind the counter, destroy two wooden boxes and go underneath a broken floor. The chest is on a shelf.
  14. In the gas station behind the counter, destroy two wooden boxes and go underneath a broken floor. The chest is under the stone steps.
  15. On the top floor of the apartment building on some wooden pallets.
  16. While in the staircase on the top floor, destroy the wall to the right of the door leading out and the chest will be behind a box.
  17. Inside the semi in the middle of the street.
  18. On the bottom floor of the left L building on a washing machine.
  19. In the top floor of the left L building behind a dresser.
  20. In the top floor of the right L building in a bathroom.
  21. In the top floor of the building under construction, on a ledge overlooking a window.
  22. Behind a wall on the second floor. Immediately upon arriving at the top of the stairs, it’s behind the wall straight ahead.
  23. Inside the garage on the back of a truck.
  24. In the grocery store back room.
  25. Head to the roof of the grocery store and destroy the 1×1 wall at the top to expose this chest.
  26. On the sixth floor of the castle-shaped building on some wooden pallets.
  27. On the fourth floor of the castle-shaped building on a table.
  28. On the second floor in an office.
  29. On the second floor, hidden behind a wall that has a table and two chairs in front of it.
  30.  Under the bridge inside the semi truck.
  31. Front entrance of the center construction building.
  32. On a scissor lift in the middle of the center construction building.
  33. Under the center construction building.
  34. In front of the scissor lift.
  35. Behind a wall between the first and second floor while moving upstairs. Listen for the sound of the chest.
  36. In a bedroom on the top floor on the bed.
  37. Behind a broken wall in a construction area on the fourth floor, destroy the wall to gain access to the chest.
  38. On the fifth floor, destroy the wall to the left of the window (closest to the bathtub) to gain access to this chest.
  39. On the roof of the building.

Secret battle star location

This week’s hidden battle star is beyond easy to find. The location of the star is in the same location as what’s being presented in the image. Upon finishing all the week six challenges, players will be presented with the following loading screen.

The battle star can be very hard to see considering how transparent it is. If you divert your attention to the red truck up front, with the shield potions in the hatch, you’ll see the vague image of a battle star. You’ll want to head over to Risky Reels to collect the star. It can be found on the back of the red truck that’s found in the first row closest to the screen.

We are one week away from the reveal of the secret character unlocked by completing seven weeks of challenges. Need help finishing previous week’s challenges? Check out our other guides below!

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