Fortnite Battle Royale has reached week eight of its fifth season. After last week which finally allowed players to unlock the road trip challenge skin, the only thing to really look forward to at this point is reaching rank 100 in the battle pass and unlocking Leviathan. The challenges this week are subpar compared to many of the previous weeks. As always though, you’ll see challenges for collecting chests, eliminating opponents, and even getting eliminations with a specific weapon class. Let’s take a look at the challenges.

Place Traps

This is about possibly the laziest challenge to ever grace Fortnite. Even remotely considering this a challenge is a joke in its entirety. For this “challenge”, you need to collect spike traps, and then place them on a floor, wall, or ceiling. You’ll need to place 10 total, so if you’re not pushing for this challenge it will come over time. Any game mode will work for this, but 50v50 will allow you a little more freedom to search them out and place them down. Here is the item you want to keep a look out for.

Search Chests in Wailing Woods

After last weeks challenge, which had players collecting one chest from five various locations, we’re sadly back to searching seven chests in one area. This time the location is Wailing Woods. With as little as the chests spawn here, don’t be surprised if you have to make several more trips than you normally would to collect the seven you need. Here is a map of every chest in Wailing Woods.

  1. On the picnic table in front of the two RVs at the northwest area of Wailing Woods.
  2. On the back of the truck bed in the northeast area.
  3. Up against a tree trunk in the southeast.
  4. On top of an RV to the southwest.
  5. Southeast corner of the maze. (North of the tree)
  6. Northeast corner of the maze. (Near the tree)
  7. On a metal shelf on the second floor of the central wooden shack.
  8. Southwest corner of the maze. (East of the tree)
  9. Northwest corner of the maze. (Near the tree)

Shotgun Eliminations

The fact that this challenge is labeled as hard is laughable. With four different shotguns to choose from now, you pretty much have an arsenal at your disposal. Even better, downing an opponent and shooting them with a shotty is the more preferred method of elimination when you consider that shotguns consistently damage a player for as little as seven damage at point blank range while the enemy player is moving. Here are the weapons you’ll want to collect to complete this challenge.

Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents

To put it simply, down a player with a gun, and use your pickaxe to damage them while they’re on their knees. It’s a cheap method, but it’s also the most effective. Assuming you damage every player for their max downed health (100), this will take about three players to get the full 250 damage required. After downing an opponent, you may also want to consider building a box around them so you have personal alone time with them and nobody interrupts your handy-work.

Use a Rift at different Rift spawn locations

For this challenge, you are required to use Rifts at 10 different locations. This means if you go to a location such as the Viking Village, the four rifts there count as one location. Here is a map of every rift location. Simply take a rift at these various locations and you’ll have the challenge completed in no time.

Search between three oversized seats

You are looking for three seats (or three things you can sit on) in the map.  Between these three seats, you will find a battle star. Two of the seats are somewhat obvious, while the third it would seem is not. The giant toilet on the pole in front of Flush Factory marks one seat. The giant wooden chair in the nameless spot to the north is the second seat. The final seat is in the factory area northeast of Flush Factory. The seat itself is a few crates, wooden pallets and boxes made up to look like a chair, but is not actually one. Here is a map to help you locate the battle star.

Eliminate an opponent at (Location Name)

So the stages challenge from last week that based around chests, now bases around getting eliminations. As with last weeks challenge, below will be a map of every chests location for helping you get locked and loaded quicker at each location, assuming you don’t want to use floor loot.

Stage 1: Eliminate an opponent at Greasy Grove

  1. Behind the northern side panel of Durr Burger. Destroy the orange panel and you’ll find the chest.
  2. In the basement of Durr Burger.
  3. In the doghouse right outside the house.
  4. In the attic of the eastern house.
  5. Above the garage of the eastern house.
  6. On the second floor of the hunting store behind some counters.
  7. On the second floor of the hunting store behind some counters.
  8. Behind a wall on the second floor level of the hunting store. Land on the southern ledge outside and destroy the eastern wall to access.
  9. In the attic of the central-eastern house.
  10. In the attic of the southeastern house.
  11. Above the garage of the southeastern garage.
  12. Under the gazebo between the south and southeastern houses.
  13. In the attic of the southern house.
  14. Above the garage in the southern house.
  15. In the attic of the western house.
Stage 2: Eliminate an opponent at Lonely Lodge

  1. Inside the lodge on a balcony/ledge. Break the wall upstairs or build a staircase up to it to access.
  2. Behind a wall in the back of the western room.
  3. Behind a wall opposite the stairs, simply break the upper part of the wall to access.
  4. Under the roof of the western triangle hut. Build up and destroy the roof to access.
  5. Inside of a building directly south of the main lodge. The chest is upstairs in a room behind a metal shelf.
  6. On top of the cliff on the western end of the area, next to some tents and an old campfire.
  7. Inside of a cave directly beneath the western cliff.
  8. Under the roof of the southern triangle hut. Build up and destroy the roof to access.
  9. In the middle of the tower, destroy a wooden support to access.
  10. Top of the tower behind the lookout building.
  11. Inside the lookout building on a shelf.
  12. Under the roof of the eastern triangle hut. Build up and destroy the roof to access.
Stage 3: Eliminate an opponent at Fatal Fields

  1. In a little quarry area on a ledge behind some rocks.
  2. In the horse stable on the left side above the entryway on a ledge.
  3. In the horse stable on the right side above the entryway on a ledge.
  4. In a little rock crevice in the river.
  5. In a shed on the left side of the middle area.
  6. In a shed on the right side of the middle area.
  7. In the forest on the left up against a big tree. Look for its glow or listen for the unique sound.
  8. In the barn. Run up both sets of stairs, and it’ll be across the walkway.
  9. In a bigger shed with two entryways, on a ledge above the entryways.
  10. In the forest on the right up against a big tree. Look for its glow or listen for the unique sound.
  11. Inside the house. Head upstairs, go into the door at the end of the hall (should be a bathroom). The chest will be on the other side of a broken wall.
  12. Inside the house, head up to the attic. Immediately turn right at the top of the stairs, and it’ll be tucked away in a corner on the right.
  13. Inside one of the two silos. You need to destroy the silo to expose the chest.
  14. In the south most part of the area. Inside the bigger shed of the two behind some hay.

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