Week 4 of season five is upon us, and with it come new weekly challenges to achieve. This week has more of the same types of challenges that players have seen for quite a few seasons now, that being said, there is one challenge that is essentially the elephant in the room. It’s unique as it’s a new style of challenge that players will be experiencing for the first time with some of the new and added mechanics for season five. But enough talk, let’s take a look at the week 4 challenges.

Build structures

This challenge is based around the very aspect of Fortnite Battle Royale. Even if you aren’t very good at building during combat, simply harvesting wood from trees and building walls or stairs will help you achieve the 250 in no time. If you play in 50v50, it seems that teammates buildings count toward your total which can really help finish the challenge easily.

Jump through flaming hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK

Here it is. The unique challenge of week 4. Shopping Carts and ATKs (All Terrain Karts) for those who don’t know are vehicles that are able to be used to move around the map faster. ATKs are an actual golf cart, while Shopping Carts are, well exactly what they say they are. The kart is the best option to use for most of the rings in the challenges, as they have the speed and momentum to make it through the ring properly. Some rings are in the air, which will require the player to build up to them before they can drive through. There are a total of 10 different flaming hoops to drive through, and here is a map of every location.

Eliminate opponents in Dusty Divot

Dusty Divot, also known as the giant crater at the near-center of the map. Even when there isn’t a challenge present, it’s interesting that a lot of people still land here. The hop rocks of season four are gone, and the now abandoned facility within is filled with trees and overgrowth. Dusty Divot has quite a few places to land to get an immediate weapon pick-up, but with the abundance of chests here, it would be foolish not open one for a chance at a decent weapon. The challenge this week is back down to 3 eliminations, so this should be fairly simple. Either hide in the buildings or use the trees as cover. Here are the locations of chests in Dusty Divot.

  1. In the northern-most warehouse in the center of the room.
  2. In the destroyed warehouse in the center of the room on a rock (Build a floor in front of the chest to cover the hole to prevent the loot from falling down the chasm)
  3. Inside a storage container at the northern-most part of the crater.
  4. On the second floor of the northeast watchtower.
  5. Out in the open in the northwest part of the compound..
  6. On a flatbed of a truck
  7. In the western building
  8. In the center building right in front of a tree on ground level.
  9. On the second floor of the center building overlooking the tree.
  10. Inside the eastern building on a ledge.
  11. Inside the south-eastern building.
  12. In the back of a black truck
  13. On the second floor of the southwest watchtower.

Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents

Thankfully this challenge is all about damage, and boy will the progress come fast. Headshotting any opponent with a headshot is guaranteed to eliminate or down them as long as they have less than 100 health and 70 shields. The challenge asks for 500 damage. Downing an enemy at full health and finishing them is an easy 200 damage. Pegging opponents from distances with the sniper rifle also will count towards the challenge but may take a little bit longer to complete. Remember, if you’re not very good at sniping, down an enemy with a weapon you’re decent with, then snipe them as they’re crawling. Any of the sniper rifles will work, but the bolt-action sniper rifle works the best. Here are the weapons you’ll need to use for the challenge.

Search chests in Flush Factory

Finally, there is another reason to go to Flush Factory other than trying to persuade certain people that it has good loot (you know who you are!) The chests in Flush Factory are evenly spread out, but there is one that’s hidden away that a lot of people seem to miss. As always, you’ll need seven total chests to complete the challenge. There are only about nine total chests in Flush Factory, so this challenge will take multiple trips if you’re trying to do it the first couple days. These are accumulative, so you don’t need to worry about getting seven in one game. Here are all the chests of Flush Factory, and where to find them.

  1. Right out front on top of the toilet on the pole.
  2. In the storage container to the west.
  3. Inside the eastern-most building on the second floor.
  4. In the building’s main lobby, it will be on the right side at the second-floor level, behind a wall. Listen closely for the sound of the chest.
  5. On the left side of the factory, on the second floor behind a conveyor belt in the corner.
  6. In the center of the factory outside, there’s a little cubby hole with a wooden crate in front of it. Destroy the crate, and the chest will be immediately behind it.
  7. On the right side of the factory towards the back, up above a square-shaped structure.On the right
  8. In the very back of the factory, inside a storage container.
  9. Inside the back of a garbage truck.

Search between a gas station, goal post, soccer pitch, and stunt mountain

All three of these locations can be found near Pleasant Park. The gas station to the southeast, the soccer pitch is to the north, and stunt mountain is to the southwest. The point at which all three intersect will lead you to the battle star. Here is a map to better help you in the right direction.

Pistol Eliminations

Let’s be honest, unless you have the dual pistols or a silenced pistol, you’re better off just downing an opponent with another weapon and then finishing them with a pistol. The revolver can one-shot someone with 100 health and no shields if you manage to hit them in the head; otherwise, it can take two to three shots for the kill. The pistol has a fast rate of fire, but not a lot of damage output. If you manage to hit your target every time, you could very well eliminate them, but chances are your opponent will jump or build the moment you start shooting, and a shot will miss. Both the dual pistols and suppressed pistol have damage output strong enough to down someone in seconds. Just remember, there is no shame in shooting a defenseless person crawling around if it’s for a challenge at least. Here are the weapons to keep a look out for.

Secret battle pass star

You can find the secret battle star for this week in an interesting location. Its location is actually of the many new sights that were introduced with season five. Here is the loading screen you will be presented with upon completing all the challenges.

As you can see from the image, the battle pass star is on the back wall right next to the moisty mire man. The image is of a camel drinking from a plastic fast food drinking cup. If you’ve yet to stumble upon this beautiful sight, it can be found at the southwest part of the desert. There will be a gas station, and immediately to the left is the camel statue with the cup. The battle star can be found on the camel’s back, just be careful not to break it. Here is a map to pinpoint the exact location.

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