The birthday bash celebrating Fortnite’s first birthday ended this past Tuesday, and the challenges to earn unique birthday loot disappeared with it. Thankfully, Thursday has arrived and with it, new and exciting weekly challenges. The challenges this week are a cakewalk in every aspect. This week’s challenges do not ask you to get a kill with a specific weapon, nor are you required to search between three specific landmarks. There’s only one challenge out of the ordinary on this list, and it’s simple. Let’s take a look at the Week Five list of challenges.

Search Chests in Junk Junction

Junk Junction, the infamous location at the northwestern corner of the map, is the required location for chests this week. There are a total of 11 chests that can be found at this location. As always, the first couple days of collecting chests can be rough, as everyone will be heading here to complete their challenge. Below is an overview of the chest locations for the location.

  1. Inside the metal llama on the northern hill.
  2. Inside the car crusher machine.
  3. On top of some cars in the northwest section of Junction Junction.
  4. Enter the western building and destroy the floor to access a chest.
  5. On the platform right next to the crane.
  6. In the center building, on the second floor behind a box.
  7. On the roof, open the right door and it’s to the left.
  8. On a stack of cars in the eastern area of Junk Junction.
  9. In the southern part of the center building, on a ledge. Either build up to it or destroy the roof to access.
  10. Right behind a metal wall in an enclosed area.
  11. On a stack of cars in the southwest area of Junk Junction.

Use Rift Portals

Rift portals, those fun little anomalies introduced in Season Five, are required as one of this week’s challenges. A replacement for the hop rocks of Season Four, these beauties can help turn a bad situation with a storm into something positive by giving you the distance you need to make it safely to the circle. There are a massive amount of rift portals available on the map, but they won’t all spawn each game. Simply use any three, and the challenge is yours. Here is a guide of all the various rift portal locations.

Eliminate Opponents in a Single Match

You really shouldn’t need a guide for this one: simply pick up a gun and eliminate three enemies in a single match. The best mode to achieve this would be 50v50 as a lot of people tend to not play as hardcore as they would in other modes. If you down an opponent, remember to finish them off, or it won’t count. Three total eliminations will grant you the challenge completion.

Deal Damage to players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade

Remember the previous challenge that included these items? This one is relatively the same thing, the only difference here is that you don’t actually need to kill your opponent, only deal damage. The challenge is accumulative and getting 300 damage with these three items will come quickly. The best course of action for completing this would be to down your opponent with a gun, then either throw a grenade under them, stick them with a clinger, or throw a stink bomb right next to them. If you plan to down them first, it will take about three downs to get this completed, assuming all the damage to the downed player comes from you. You can try to bomb or stick a player while they’re alive, but it can be more challenging and cause you to waste your grenades. Once again, here are the items needed to complete this challenge.

Hit a Golf Ball from different tees to green on different holes

Here we are, the unique challenge of Week Five. Granted, it’s something that pretty much everyone could see coming, but it has finally arrived, and it’s time to get it done. This challenge isn’t a challenge at all. Lazy Links is the location you want to be at for this challenge, and there are nine total spots inside the location to achieve this challenge. To complete this challenge, simply find the following tee area:

Stand here and use your golf emote to hit the ball over to the green, which is the grounds on which the flag is located. Knowing which flag to hit the ball towards can be confusing, however, so here is a map of the different spots and which way you want to hit towards. The golf ball symbol is where the tee spot is located (the start point), and the flag indicates the green.

Follow the treasure map in Snobby Shores

This week’s treasure map can be found by in the courtyard of the southern-most house in Snobby Shores and is right up against the western wall of the watchtower. Here is an image of the map:

If this location doesn’t look familiar, the location being featured is Haunted Hills. The battle star location is at the top of the building to the left of the church. Here is the area in-game with the star marked for your convenience.

Eliminate Opponents in Shifty Shafts

Every time the elimination challenge is at Shifty Shafts, it’s always a fun time. It may have something to do with Shifty being directly south of Tilted Towers, so this place is almost always a guaranteed drop for someone. The area has plenty of floor loot available, but if you’re insistent on getting to a chest to get your loot, here are the locations for chests in Shifty Shafts.

  1. Inside the center building. There’s a hole in the center; the chest is on a platform around the outside.
  2. Underneath a white roof. Destroy the roof to access the chest.
  3. Inside the little tower on a table.
  4. In the southern part of the caves behind a wall.
  5. In the eastern part of the caves behind a wall.
  6. In its enclosed area to the southeast cavern area, behind a wall.

Secret battle star location

This week’s loading screen is probably one you’ll find a lot of dinosaur lovers making their default. The image also shows us the location of Week Five’s secret battle star location. As a reminder, all challenges need to be completed for Week Five before this loading screen will be given and the star will appear. Without further ado, here is the loading screen you’re presented with.

Yes, that’s a dinosaur committing cannibalism by eating one of his own, and a cute little pink bear is laughing about it. Little do they know that they are next. Anyway, the battle star symbol can be seen on the sign, which indicates a tower-like structure surrounded by cacti. This indicates the battle star is in the desert. There’s really only one structure that looks like this, and in case you are puzzled to its location, here is a map below which will lead you to the prize.

Season Five of Fornite Battle Royale is officially at its halfway point. We’re two weeks from revealing the secret character unlocked from completing challenge weeks. Do you still have challenges that need completing? Check our other guides below.

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