Here we are with the 2nd week of the 5th season of Fortnite. After the considerably easy but time-consuming challenges that the 1st week had to offer, it’ll be interesting to see just how much the difficulty of these challenges increases as time goes along. As previously stated, the challenges in season five work differently than previous seasons before. Players who do not have the battle pass are still given 3 total challenges to complete for the week. Battle Pass holders get the seven total they are accustomed to getting. Free players will only be able to earn 5,000 experience award for completing four challenges if they purchase the battle pass. Let’s take at what we have in store for week 2.

Deal damage with assault rifles to opponents

This is possibly the easiest weapon challenge you’ll ever receive aside from shotgun damage or shotgun kills. Assault rifles are the most balanced weapons in the game. Granted each weapon fires differently, but they are the go-to gun for new players. This challenge tasks you only with dealing damage to opponents, so if you don’t get the kill, it won’t matter. The important thing to remember with assault rifles is that up close they may be accurate and deadly, but from further distances, you’ll want to crouch, wait for your reticle to shrink in, and fire in short taps. Here are the weapons you want to be looking out for to complete this challenge.

Search 7 ammo boxes in a single match

There’s not any kind of map for this challenge. Ammo boxes are everywhere in the game. On the floor, on tables, counters, under stairs, you name it. Getting 7 ammo boxes is easier in bigger cities such as paradise palms or tilted towers, but there are also a lot more enemies in these locations. Searching in areas that you know other players have already been is a great idea, as many players don’t bother to open ammo boxes. To make this challenge even easier, playing a match of 50v50 can get this quickly for you. There are times that you can land at a location by yourself, and chances are the several buildings in that one location will have more than enough ammo boxes to complete the challenge.

Eliminate opponents at paradise palms

Welcome to one of the several new locations of season five. Paradise Palms is a new location that covers territory that the prison and moisty mire you to inhabit. Grabbing weapons straight off the floor is definitely an option here, but there are so many buildings that grabbing loot from a chest is also a considerable idea. Using the buildings as cover or even to hold your position is warranted here. Many people land here and you wouldn’t want to get caught out in the open. Here is a map of all the chests paradise palms has to offer.

  1. On top of a carriage just outside of town.
  2. To the right of the curtained building near the pool behind a hedge.
  3. Behind the bar.
  4. 3rd-floor room.
  5. 4th-floor room.
  6. On the roof of the hotel.
  7. next to the pool in a corner.
  8. On a bed inside the southern-most house.
  9. In the bathroom on the 2nd floor. It will be the door straight ahead of you when you reach the top of the stairs.
  10. Immediately to your right after climbing the stairs.
  11. On the bed directly north of chest #10. Walking out the window and across the ledge to the bedroom, you’ll find this chest.
  12. Behind the bed.
  13. In the garage above the doors on a ledge.
  14. On a bed on the 2nd floor.
  15. In the dealership on the 2nd floor. You should see the glow of the chest from the first floor.
  16. Walking out the door from chest #15, place two floor builds down where the metal stairs are, and break the right-most wall.
  17. From chest #16, break the window, build a floor between the buildings and break the immediate wall ahead of you.
  18. This chest is on the 2nd floor of the last building in this row.

Score a 3 point shot at different basketball courts

For this challenge, you will have needed to have unlocked the basketball toy from the battle pass. This toy unlocks at level 11. The toy works similar to an emote. When used, your character will toss a basketball. Around the map are various basketball courts. Originally, this challenge only asked players to make a basket at different courts but was recently changed to 3 point shots. For those who don’t know much about basketball, here’s a picture to help. You’ll need to stand on the outside of the line marked by the arrows.

Any shot from the outside of this line will be considered a 3-point shot. For the challenge, you need to make a 3-point shot at five different courts. There are a total of ten courts available. Here is a map of every basketball courts location.

Search chests in loot lake

Let’s be completely honest here. It’s a great thing that this was the location to loot chests in week 2. Loot lake is the considered the worst place on the map. A few islands surrounded by waist-high water with no real way to get around other than building. Landing here outright makes moving around from place to place very difficult. Also, the lack of chests makes it worse. Here is a chart of all the chests in loot lake that will count towards the challenge.

  1. Inside the garage of the house to the north of the lake.
  2. Inside the boathouse shed.
  3. In plain sight on the northern island.
  4. On a boat out in the middle of the water.
  5. on the western dock.
  6. On a boat out in the middle of the water.
  7. In plain sight on the eastern island.
  8. In plain sight on the eastern island.
  9. In the attic of the house on the center island.
  10. Underneath the house, there is a little cave containing the chest.
  11. A little cliff on the southern part of the center island holds this chest.
  12. On a cliff on the eastern side.

Search between an oasis, rock archway, and dinosaurs

If the term oasis in the description didn’t give it away already, you’re looking for a place in the desert. The oasis you’re looking for is directly above of the gas station at the very south of the desert. The rock archway is to the northeast of the oasis, and the dinosaurs are to the south-east of the rock archway near a tiny version of junk junction.

To better advise where to find the star, first look for the mountain that has an RV at the very top. Come down from paradise palms and climb on top of the rock archway. Directly ahead of you, you’ll see two cactuses on opposite ends of each other, with a rock in between them and an empty space. The star is in the space between the rock and the cactus. Here is a visual to assist.

Sniper rifle eliminations

Here it is! What can be considered the hardest challenge in week 2! Getting a kill with a sniper the correct way can be difficult. Having to compensate for bullet drop and every little move your opponent might make can make it hard to land a shot. Thankfully the challenge is made easier by the fact that you can down in an opponent in duos, squads, or 50v50 and then finish them off with a sniper rifle. There are a few different choices in snipers. The hunting rifle doesn’t have a scope but zooms in your view when you aim down sights. The bolt action sniper rifle is considered one of the best in the game. A headshot will down most opponents, though if you miss you’ll need to wait to load the next bullet in the chamber. The semi-auto sniper rifle has less damage output for both body and head, but can be fired multiple times. Really, it all depends on preference. Would you rather put your enemy down quick, or would you rather make them your pincushion? Here are the weapons you want to look out for.

Secret Battle Star Location

As with last week’s challenges, if you complete all challenges in week 2, you’re given a loading screen with a #2 on it. Viewing this loading screen will give you a hint as to where the star is located. Here is the loading screen.

It may be very hard to see. But the battle pass star is on the very pointy top of Lazy Links in the background. You are seeing the main building. Land here once you finish all your challenges and this battle star will be yours. Here’s a marker for it on the map, just in case it’s needed.

We will have guides up for every week of challenges. Make sure to check back each week!

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