It’s been some time since Fortnite Battle Royale released a major update of this proportion, and yet, here we are. Patch v5.30 introduces a new item called the Rift-to-Go, an interesting “Score Royale” game mode and finally a new sight to see over at Risky Reels, among other things. There are of course various bug fixes and changes made to the core gameplay that will also be covered in detail. Let’s take a look into the various notes for patch v5.30.


Similar to the port-a-fort, the Rift-to-go can be carried in your inventory. The item is of epic rarity (purple), and a max of two can be stacked together before a new stack is created. Any time during gameplay, simply activating the item as it’s selected in your inventory will cause a rift to appear. Whoever activates the item will be teleported to the sky and in skydiving mode. The rift stays placed for 10 seconds, so other players have the chance to jump in as well. The item can be found in most drops such as chests, vending machines, supply drops and llamas.

Score Royale LTM

Welcome to the Score Royale. The idea behind this new limited time mode is to earn by collecting score from various tasks such as opening ammo drops, collecting coins and eliminating enemies. The first player to reach the high score will be the one to achieve victory royale. In addition to the score, there are some differences in how storms work. Storms will start much larger, which allows players to spread out more. These storms will move in much slower than normal, until near the end of the game when the storms move in faster, giving players less time to do necessary vital tasks, such as getting in the circle. Here are the outlined various tasks, and how many points they reward. The required amount of score to win each game type (solos, duos, etc.) is also listed below.

  • Consume an apple or mushroom – 10pts
  • Open an ammo box – 25pts
  • Find a bronze coin – 30 pts
  • Open a llama – 50 pts
  • Open a treasure chest – 50 pts
  • Find a silver coin – 50 pts
  • Eliminate an enemy – 100 pts
  • Open a supply drop – 100 pts
  • Find a gold coin – 100 pts

  • Winning score (Solo) – 2000 pts
  • Winning score (Duos) – 3000 pts
  • Winning score (Squads) – 4500 pts

Risky Reels: Now Playing

If you head to Risky Reels, you’ll quickly notice that the screen is now fixed, and the movie that won the season 4 Blockbuster challenge is playing on the screen. The winner is both perfect due to both its style and comedy. Simply head to Risky Reels in any match or playground mode to view the winning submission.

Tomato Temple

A moment of silence today, as Tomato Town is no longer with us in the Fortnite universe. It was instead replaced with the all-new location, Tomato Temple, which seems to be focused on making a deity out of the Tomato man. The new area features a large temple with an adequate amount of loot drops and chests. The pizzeria is gone completely; however, the taco stand and gas station remain.

Playground Update

Playground mode has been updated, and a bucketload more ATKs and ramps can be found scattered around the island. More rifts are also now available and scattered all around the hill and mountain tops. Set out to explore and find them all today!

Various Changes

  • The time it takes to equip the pump shotgun has been reduced from 0.96 seconds, down to 0.88 seconds. This change appears to be more towards an initial equip switching from another weapon, and not a swap from one shotgun to another (thankfully!)
  • Clinger grenades will now only explode once their fuse expires. This means that if the grenade is thrown at a wall, and the wall is destroyed, it will not cause the clinger to explode. Instead, gravity will take effect, and the clinger has the potential to drop and attach to another object before it’s fuse explodes.
  • Impulse grenades can now hold a total of 9 in a stack from the previous 8. This gives you one more grenade to potentially use to throw your enemy (or teammate) off of a cliff.
  • Bouncers now require line of sight for the player to use.
  • The double barrel shotgun’s spread is reduced while a player is crouched. This reduction is 15% less than the standard shot.
  • Emoticons and squad comms are now available to use while in a knocked down state. It will be interesting to see the types of interactions players have with each other in this state.
  • The combat and builder control schemes will now allow a player to cycle through various traps using the right stick (as opposed to LT) as long as they are not presently repairing or rotating a building part.
  • An option to auto-sort consumable items such as slurp juice, bandages, etc. to the rightmost available quick bar slot is now available. This will make sorting your inventory even easier.
  • The dead zone for aiming on an Xbox One controller has been reduced.
  • You can now thank the bus driver while on the battle bus by pressing down on the D-Pad. Doing so will reward you with a gold SCAR. (Just kidding! Its only for politeness and comedic value.)
  • Decreased load times on Xbox One. It’s unclear if this is designating an initial load into the battle royale mode on startup, or loading into a match.
  • Building streaming performance has been improved, so buildings load in more quickly and reduces the possibility of landing near or on buildings of lesser detail. This was rarely an issue for anyone using an Xbox One X but should help considerably on the original Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Bug Fixes

  • Damage traps will now effectively damage enemies in their range. Before, the spike damage trap would not damage a player directly in front of it, but instead, the player standing behind the trap. This issue has been resolved.
  • Remote explosives have been fixed to where they will now damage everything in their radius that has the capability of being destroyed.
  • Any hitbox consistencies caused by a player constantly crouching and uncrouching has been fixed. No more will players be able to do such a thing to possibly avoid damage.
  • Vehicles will now be affected by gravity if the structure below them is destroyed.
  • When a player suffers shield and health damage, the numbers will be combined as one number instead of two separate blue and grey numbers.
  • Emoting with the pickaxe still in your hand has been fixed. (R.I.P)
  • If a player loots the specific ammo type of the weapon they have equipped, the weapon will now auto reload.
  • Players affected by network issues are now limited to how far they can move until the connection is stable again.
  • Fixed an issue that broke an emotes audio, which was caused by a player using emotes back to back.

This about covers all the important stuff regarding patch v5.30 of Fortnite Battle Royale. The entire list of patch notes, including those for the Save the World mode can be found here.

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