Kicking off season five of Fortnite‘s challenges are a variety of different tasks. None of these challenges are particularly hard by any means. Most of the challenges we’ll be dealing with this week are considered busy work. As per the new challenge system introduced in season five, free players have three total challenges available for them to complete. Season pass holders have four extra challenges for a total of seven. This means that the 5k experience reward for completing at least four of the challenges will still be unachievable for free players lest they buy the season pass. Let’s take a look at the challenges week one has to offer.

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents

Thankfully this achievement is only about doing damage to opponents, and not actually getting a kill. Granted, a lot of the SMGs in-game perform pretty decently, getting a kill with a submachine gun late game can be quite difficult when you put into consideration that most your enemies will have full health and shields. For this challenge, there isn’t a submachine gun that wouldn’t be a good choice, as all of them are decent in range and damage. The biggest recommendation would be to make sure your target is close. The closer the better, as the damage output is stronger and your target will go down faster. This challenge is accumulative, so you don’t need to worry about it resetting if you die before achieving it. Killing five opponents with 100 health, or three opponents with 100 health and shields will easily earn you this challenge. Peppering opponents with gunfire will add to the damage but may take longer for the challenge to complete. Here are the weapons you’ll want to use for this challenge.

Search a supply llama

If you have never seen one of these little guys around the map before, you’re in for a little treat. Llamas are rare supply creatures that look similar to a pinata. There are normally three that spawn somewhere around the map each game, so finding one can be rare, but not impossible. Llamas can spawn anywhere. They can be in a field in plain sight, in the water of loot lake, or even in a tree. You can open one by holding X to interact with it. Shooting it with a gun or hitting it with a pickaxe also works, but you’ll be labeled a monster. When you find a llama, it’s best to build four walls around it, so you don’t get shot while trying to loot it. Here is an example of what you want to be looking out for.

Clinger, stink bomb, or grenade eliminations

This challenge has been made far easier by the recent change to how weapon challenges work. Now, whenever you down someone or when you finish them off, a kill will count towards a specific challenge. So if you have an assault rifle challenge and a grenade challenge, downing your opponent with a burst rifle and finishing them with a grenade will give you progression on both challenges. For this challenge, you want to be playing in either duos, squads, or 50v50. First down your opponent with a gun of your choice. When your opponent is downed on crawling on the ground, take a clinger grenade and throw it directly on them. The clinger will attach, eliminating them on detonation. The stink bomb takes a good amount of damage when thrown, but enemies can crawl out of it to avoid damage. It’s possible to lob a grenade after downing an enemy, but you’d probably want to put a wall or two in front of them, so the grenade doesn’t bounce too far away. Here is the equipment you want to be looking out for.

Search chests in snobby shores

The only thing that would even make this challenge remotely hard is doing it on the week the challenges went live, considering this was the hot spot everyone went to. There are five different houses in snobby shores available with a variety of different locations for chests. Only four of the houses spawn chests. If you aren’t aware of chests being in certain locations, chances are you’d miss those chests. Here is a map of every chest in snobby shores, and a brief description of their location.

  1. In a basement which can either be accessed by destroying the floor, or the dresser that blocks the stairway down. This chest can be found on top of the fridge.
  2. Also in the basement, on a shelf.
  3. Behind the bar next to the pool.
  4. In the attic of the 2nd house.
  5. Above the garage of the 2nd house.
  6. In a bathroom on the 3rd floor of the 3rd house.
  7. In a lookout room on opposite side of the 3rd floor of the 3rd house.
  8. On a bench near the basketball court in the backyard.
  9. In the attic of the 4th house.
  10. In the basement of the 4th house.
  11. Above the garage of the 4th house.

Search floating lightning bolts

For this challenge, you’re required to search lightning bolts way up in the sky. Unlike the rings that we’ve seen in past seasons, these lightning bolts cannot be simply flown through. The player is required to land, gather resources, build up to the lightning bolt, and then hold X to “search” it. This will add it to your total, and it will forever disappear. Upon collecting the seven required lightning bolts, all others will disappear. Thankfully there are way more than seven. Here are the locations of all lightning bolts.

Follow the treasure map found in risky reels

Treasure maps make a return in season five of Fortnite. If this is your first time seeing these, the premise is simple. There is a treasure map hidden somewhere in a specified location. Players need to head to the location, find the map and examine it. Then they need to decypher where the map is leading them, and once they arrive there, they will be able to collect a battle star which then completes the challenge. Here is the treasure map found in risky reels.

Look familiar? This is a map of the tunnel near Tomato Town. The battle star for the challenge can be found on a ledge above the tunnels entryway. Players can get to the ledge by either building up to it or dropping from above. Here is an exact location of the star on the map.

Eliminate opponents at retail row

Retail Row is one of the more popular areas of the game. It is rare that you will find that not many people have landed here. With that said, it’s best to get down to the ground quickly and get a weapon. There are plenty of weapons laying around in plain sight which would be the best option for combat. If you would rather arm yourself with chest loot, here are the locations of chests in retail row.

  1. On top of the water tower.
  2. Behind the bar.
  3. 2nd floor of the bookstore. Go through the door and turn left, it’s in a corner.
  4. 2nd floor of the fishing store. Go through the door and hang a right. Alternatively, you can reach this chest by landing in between the bookstore and the fishing store and going through a door as well.
  5. Inside of the truck parked here.
  6. Inside the detective agency on a desk.
  7. After destroying the garage in the back of the food market, it’ll be above you on a metal shelf. Can be easily accessed by building stairs on the outside and destroying the wall.
  8. In the far left side of the food market.
  9. In the attic of the northern white house.
  10. Above the garage of the northern white house.
  11. Above the garage of the red brick house.
  12. In the attack of the red brick house.
  13. Located at the very top of the destroyed house. Destroy the roof to access it.
  14. In the basement of the destroyed house in a small room behind a wooden crate.
  15. In the attic of the balcony house.
  16. In the room straight ahead of you upon reaching the 2nd floor from the stairs in the balcony house. The chest will be behind the door as soon as you walk in.
  17. In the attic of the southern white house.
  18. In the dog house in the back of the southern white house. Destroy the dog house first to be able to be able to open the chest.

Secret battle star location

After finishing all the weekly challenges of a set, players will find themselves rewarded with a loading screen. This loading screen (when used properly) can show players the location or give them a hint to the location of a secret battle star that will instantly give them a level on their battle pass. Here is the first loading screen of season 5.

As you can clearly see looking at the map the dino-man is holding, the secret battle star for this week is located in the umbrella-shaped quarry just to the east of Lazy Links. Really, that map should do the justice, if not, here is a map of the battle stars location.

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