Microsoft announced the Xbox One Digital Games Deals that will be available next week during their annual Black Friday sales. The deals are already live for Gold Members who will receive additional savings. I’ve personally grabbed Grow Up, Kingdom: New Lands, Hyper Light Drifter and Mafia 3 already.

Digital Games on Xbox One:

  • Ark: Survival Evolved — is a survival game with Dinosaurs. Build bases, train dinosaurs, and fight other survivors in the harsh environments as you progress though tech periods unlocking new tools and weapons. As this game is still in preview we haven’t rated it at this time, but you can read our early thoughts on the game. — was $34.99, is $17.50 [Buy Here]; Scorched Earth DLC includes a new environment and was $19.99, is $14.99 [Buy Here]
  • Batman: The Telltale Series  — Episode 1 is currently free for Gold Users. If you are actually interested in the full game please do yourself a favor and download episode 1 separate and then pick up episodes 2-5. You’ll save money this way. Telltale’s Batman goes more in-depth on the character of Bruce Wayne then past game offerings. We haven’t scored Batman yet but you can read our thoughts on Episode 1 and Episode 2. — Episode 1 was $4.99, is currently FREE; Episode 2-5 was $19.99 is currently $13.39
  • Dangerous Golf – is a arcade destruction game where players shoot golf balls aiming for high scores. We rated it “No Appeal” — was $20.00, is $10.00 [Buy Here]
  • Grow Up — is a charming exploration game about a robot looking for the pieces to his crashed ship. This game has some really enjoyable sequences involving climbing, gliding and jet-packing around the environment while planting seeds that interact with various different mechanics to help you traverse the planet. While we don’t have a formal review for this on the site, I would suggest giving it a look and picking it up — was $9.99, is $5.00 [Buy Here]
  • Hyper Light Drifter — is an action adventure RPG set in the vein of classic 16bit titles. With modernized game mechanics and a gorgeous engaging art style, this game has made a big splash. We rated it “Highly Recommended” — was $19.99, is $13.99 [Buy Here]
  • Inside — is Playdead’s next game after their hit game Limbo. It’s a fantastic, atmospheric puzzle-platformer. This game is a shoe in for GOTY contention and highly worth playing. We rated it “Must Buy” — was $19.99, is $13.39 [Buy Here]
  • Kerbal Space Program — is painstakingly accurate rocket flight simulator. Every detail matters in this highly-sim space flight experience. We rated it “Highly Recommended” — was $39.99, is $26.79 [Buy Here]
  • Kingdom: New Lands — is a unique minimalist strategy rogue-like where players spend coins to pay NPCs to do things. We rated it a “Must Buy” — Was $14.99, is $10.04 [Buy Here]
  • Life is Strange [Complete Season]  — is a fantastic story driven episodic game with the feature to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. Was $19.99 ,is $6.60 [Buy Here]
  • Livelock — is a top down co-operative shooter. There are three different classes to play each with different weapons and abilities. We rated it a “Must Buy“. Was $19.99, is $13.99 [Buy Here]
  • Mighty No. 9 — the Kickstarted spiritual successor to Mega Man met heavy criticism on release. This action platformer failed to live up to the nostalgia filled hype. We rated it “Limited Appeal“. Was $19.99, is $8.00 [Buy Here]
  • Necropolis — is a Dark Souls like rogue-like with a very unique art aesthetic. We rated it “Reader’s Choice“. Was $29.99, is $20.09 [Buy Here]
  • Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty — is a recrafted version of Abe’s Oddysee a classic puzzle platformer. We rated it “Buy It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $19.99, is $6.60 [Buy Here]
  • Overcooked: Gormet Edition —  contains both Overcooked and the Lost Morsel DLC. This local only party game will test your friendships as you work to become a culinary master. We rated it “Reader’s Choice“. Was $21.49, is $14.40 [Buy Here]
  • Pool Nation FX — is a physics based pool game. It’s visually appealing with multiple game modes and a solid amount of depth. We rated it “Try It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $13.99, is $4.62 [Buy Here]
  • PowerStar Golf (Full Game Unlock) — is an arcade style golf game. There is a free version with limited content if you are interested in trying the game first.  Was $19.99, is $6.60 [Buy Here]
  • Slime Rancher — is preview program game were players farm slime. It’s ridiculously cute looking and can be utterly addictive for the right person. Was $19.99, is $13.39 [Buy Here]
  • Smite (Ultimate God Pack) — is a free to play third person MOBA. Players can play various modes are different Gods each with unique kits. We rated it “Play It (Legacy Score System}”. Was $29,99, is $20.09 [Buy Here]
  • Song of the Deep —  is a metriodvania game from Insomniac. Players traverse the 2D underwater world in a submarine with some occasionally exceptional puzzles. We rated it “Readers Choice“. Was $14.99, is $7.50 [Buy Here]
  • State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition —  is a fantastic Zombie experience on Xbox One. This package updates the visuals as well as includes all previous DLC in a single game. We rated it “Buy It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $29.99, is $15.00 [Buy Here]
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 3 — The definitive party game experience on Xbox One. The Jackbox team does it again with all new games. This game is highly recommended if you ever entertain groups and enjoy trivia / party games. Was $24.99, is $16.74 [Buy Here]
  • Telltale Games Collection —  This bundle includes Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, The Walking Dead Season 1 and The Walking Dead Season 2. Was $109.99, is $27.50 [Buy Here]
  • This War of Mine: the Little Ones — is a game that takes on War as a serious topic and game mechanic. Players will control survivors trying to scavenge enough to live. It’s a very unique and poignant survival-sim  We rated it “Buy It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $29.99, is $9 [Buy Here]
  • Trackmania Turbo —  Is fast paced racing game focused around quick time trials. We rated it “Reader’s Choice“. Was $39.99, is $16.00 [Buy Here]
  • Trials of the Blood Dragon —  is a combination of the Trials Franchise with the Blood Dragon concept from previous Ubisoft Games. Was $14.99, is $7.50 [Buy Here]
  • Valley — is a visually appealing fast paced first person platforming adventure game with minimal combat. We rated it “Highly Recommend“. Was $19.99, is $11.99 [Buy Here]
  • Videoball — is a compact top down sports game with simple one button controls.  Was $9.00, is $5.00 [Buy Here]

Major AAA Games of Note: