Today sees the release of the v5.40 content update for Fortnite Battle Royale. This small update offers one new weapon while vaulting another. There are also a few bug fixes. This is a considerably small patch for Fortnite compared to most. Players are a few days away from the released of the final week of challenges for season five, to draw you closer to unlocking Ragnarok and his various style challenges. Season five is set to end on September 25th. Here are the highlights of the v5.40 content update.

Suppressed Assault Rifle

Introducing the new Suppressed Assault Rifle. which allows for focused fire combat without giving away your immediate position. The gun can be found in vending machines, supply drops, chests, and as floor drops. The weapon offers players precision as long as they focus on trigger discipline over spraying. The Suppressed Assault Rifle comes in both epic (Purple) and Legendary (Orange) rarities. The epic variant can do 32 damage per shot, while the legendary can output 33. The damage is comparable to a rare (blue) Assault Rifle which does 33 damage per shot. The Suppressed Assault Rifle is available in the game today!

Drum Gun Vaulted

In a strange turn of events, the Drum Gun Submachine Gun has been vaulted. This considerably balanced and deadly weapon which was effective at close range encounters can no longer be found in-game. Any reasoning for the gun being vaulted hasn’t be given. The Drum Gun had the highest damage out of every Submachine Gun available. Presently the closest alternative would be a rare Silenced Submachine Gun.

Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer be able to land on the getaway van in the Getaway LTM. Players are required to build up to the Van.
  • Victory music at the end of a Getaway LTM match has been lowered.
  • Jewel will no longer be available in Hotbar during downed state.
  • Player models will no longer get stuck in the bottom of Van at the end of a match.
  • Player models and items will no longer fall off the van back down to the ground at the end of a match.

A list of the full patch notes including those for the Save the World mode can be found here.

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