To make up for the rather short show last week, we’re back to a more usual length. We brought in our Video Co-ordinator Shawn Saris to help with that. This week Perry tells us all about the final Summer of Arcade game Dust: An Elysian Tail, which he enjoyed quite a bit. We talk a bit about Hybrid, including that metagame, then you can hear me rant about Star Wars for a little bit.

We have actual news this week, then Andrew rounds out the show with the ol community corner.

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Hosted, produced & edited by:

Ross Adams (@randomlyrossy)

Co-hosted by:

Perry Jackson (@prryjcksn)

Andrew Crews (@twixprintmatic)

Shawn Sarish (@MrTheVestman)

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Chris Green – Blurred Edge

News discussed:

Game Announcements: Sacred Citadel announced, Foul Play

Release Dates/Windows: Zen PopCap table coming September 5, Jet Set Radio hits September 19 for 800 MSP, Hell Yeah releasing September 26 for 1200 MSP, Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise hits in October

DLC/Etc: Scott Pilgrim adding online Multiplayer/Wallace pack August 19 for 400 MSP, Iron Brigade reduced to 800 MSP, Minecraft bug fix updateSelling 17, 000 units a daySkin Pack 2 details