The excitement train for Sega and Arkedo’s Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit has been rolling for quite some time now. We loved it at E3 and loved chatting with the studio’s co-founder about the game at PAX East. Now we finally have a release date and price to coincide with the new trailer.

The game will be released on September 26 (the video has the Tuesday PSN release date) for 1200 MSP. Trust us, it’ll be worth it when it comes out. As Ash, the bunny prince of darkness, a scantily-clad picture of you in the bathtub with a rubber ducky is released on the Hellternet. It’s up to you as the prince to destroy all 100 monsters and get your revenge on those who decided to leak your private life on the Hellternet. We’re madly looking forward to this title so be on a look out for this game by the end of September.