Victorian daemon-hunter and renowned Daemonologist Baron Dashforth had an amazing career vanquishing fantastical creatures. Now retired, he wants to share his life’s journey with the world. And what better way to share his story than by making it into a high-budget play?

Developer Mediatonic is making its first foray into XBLA with Foul Play, a sidescrolling brawler all about performance. Killing your enemies isn’t enough, you need to dispatch your costumed foes with style if you want to keep the audience’s attention. Execute perfectly choreographed strikes, takedowns, throws, and reversals to keep your viewers on the edge of their seat. The play’s scenery will constantly be changing as you progress: castles will crumble, pyramids will rise, and fires will burn. Dashforth can fight alone, or with his loyal companion Scampwick in two player co-op. When teaming up, the duo can link attacks and perform special team takedowns to furthur amaze the crowd.

The game’s opening night and price of admission are yet to be decided.

Source: Mediatonic (Screenshots via PlayXBLA)