New weapon

Lightning Ring – Finally, the best damage dealing spell in the game! This one fires straight and true like the rest, auto-targeting any enemies after the first and insta-killing most of them. Does serious damage to frozen enemies. The alt fire summons a massive lightning cloud which damages an area at intervals, and is fantastic for starting waves where multiple lanes need to be managed.


Orc Warriors
Crossbow Orcs
Kobold Runners
Hobgoblin Shaman
Fire Ogre
Fire Babies

General survival skills

  • Defend at the entrance, it’s got the best setup and keeps the enemies concentrated
  • Get Archers setup by wave 4 to deal with flying units, bring the ice amulet as well
  • Use the ice and lightning spells when in a bind
  • Watch for Kobolds, they’ll be tough to catch and track if they make it down the opening stretch
  • Fully upgrade archers as quickly as possible and assist them with tar traps and blockades

Five skull guide

Another level that’s really easy due to massive awesome choke point ownage at the beginning of the map. At first, however, there will be ups and downs. Bring the basic floor plan except spikes, a grinder or wall blades, a swinging mace or even better would be the auto ballista (we’ll explain why shortly) and most importantly, the archer guardians. Bringing ice and fire for spells is a good idea due to the flying units and frost ogres.

As initially advertised, this level’s best choke point is in the beginning of the map. However, before we can kill there, we’ll want to setup a basic two-unit blockade there in the center with a tar trap at both ends. From there, setup archers like crazy, archers all along the bottom lip overlooking the entrance, then upgrade them to flaming arrows ASAP. Use frost and fire spells to clean up as the archer force is growing in strength and efficacy. These archers will go on to destroy the enemy as the level continues. Might want to throw some in the back as a failsafe, but it’s not necessary.

After that, beef up the choke point with the wall trap of choice and a brimstone wherever desired. The morningstar will be effective in the choke point behind the front lines, but useless otherwise as the ceiling is too high. Towards the end of the game, Jagged Steel should be acquired, and rather than sit on our laurels with money burning a hole in our pocket, line the entire ceiling above the front line choke point with auto ballistae. This level just became a cake walk. Or rather, a cakier walk. Feel free to drop the chandeliers at some point, best time would be in the early waves though.


  1. (All three gates will be treated as one) Orcs
  2. Archers, Orcs, Kobold Runners
  3. 1x Frost Ogre & Archers, Orcs
  4. Go Break

  5. Hellbats & Fire Babies
  6. Orcs & Hellbats, Kobold Runners
  7. Orcs & Hellbats, Kobold RunnersGo Break
  8. 1x Frost Ogre & Orcs, Kobold Runners
  9. Orcs & Hellbats, Archers & Shaman,
  10. Orcs, 1x Frost Ogre & Orcs,Go Break
  11. Archers & Fire Babies, Orcs & Hellbats, Archers
  12. Orcs & Hellbats, Orcs
  13. Archers & 1x Frost Ogre, Fire Babies & Shaman, Orcs

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