Update: We have added Derpl Zork and Coco Nebulon to the guide in response to patch 1.1. Updates to other characters coming soon.

Making guides for competitive games is never easy, and never simple. As such, we’ve poured the knowledge acquired from 35 hours worth Awesomenauts, 100+ online games and the assurance of a 1500+ rating (the leaderboard position changes often, but it’s ~50). Hopefully that’s enough assurance for you that you’re in good hands. Thanks to many XBLA staffers and gamers alike who helped form this knowledge.


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Since this guide is for a competitive multiplayer we must stress that things change over time and we cannot guarantee that the strategies employed at the time of writing this guide will stand the test of time as balance patches are released. However! We will update the guide in conjunction with DLC characters are notable patches which have overt effects on the function of different characters. For instance, of Yuri’s mines go from 30 base damage to 32, we’re not going to tell you that. However, if he can all of a sudden use his Time Warp without stopping, we will update that.

There is no map DLC planned for now, but there are at least two characters. They will make their way into this guide at the time of release along with all subsequent releases. For now, please enjoy what we have and do feel free to offer variants to character builds in the comments! While we feel we have chosen good builds and outlined some interesting variants where we found them, it takes a community to find some of the good stuff! So please, if you have questions or suggestions email them to us at guides@xblafans.com or tweet us @xblafans or our guide coordinator directly @emessai.

If you’re new to Awesomenauts, we highly recommend checking out the “How To” before the rest of the guide.

We’ve added some videos with commentary from our Video Coordinator, Shawn Saris. If reading is too much work, his quick rundowns of the characters will give you a starting off point for understanding the various Awesomenauts. If you need more info after the video, read through the guide! That’s what it’s for.

How To Succeed in Awesomenauts including Tips and Tricks

Character Guides

Map Strategies

Thank you for Awesomenaut-ing.