Abilities Breakdown

[springboard type=”youtube” id=”wBaLNZqM4RA” player=”xbla001″ width=”640″ height=”360″ ] Special 1: Explode – Clunk is a little on the unstable side, and like most unstable robots he tends to explode. Clunk’s explosion does massive AoE damage to all enemies in range and obliterates droid waves. However, it’s very obvious when he’s about to explode, and gives enemies plenty of time to escape, especially since Clunk is so slow. Often, taking slow on Clunk’s explosion charge up will stop enemies from escaping and guarantee a good damage output. Also, since the explosion damages Clunk as well, if you have no support or healing sources whatsoever, it’s a good idea to take the hardhat upgrade in most situations. This ability is pretty critical to successful Clunk-ing, especially when he’s the main damage output.

Special 2: Vacuum Bite – Clunk’s Vacuum Bite is a very strange ability. The bite deals pretty severe damage and has a decent cooldown, but the real treat is that it heals some health back on Clunk every time it hits. While he gets health back for a bite, he has to stop to do it, so it’s not always a good idea to stop and bite just because it’s off cooldown. The snare ability that can be added to the bite is super helpful for both escaping and destroying vital enemies. Clunk’s bite is difficult to go without, but it’s possible if necessary. Use this thing as often as possible.




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Level 3 Build

Clunk is one of the few Awesomenauts who is a little short-handed at the beginning. He has a lot of really powerful, or rather useful, stuff toward the end of his loadouts that make him more varied. For now, there’s really only one way to build clunk, and that’s as an exploding tank.

Don’t take…

  • Increase bite damage
  • Decreased respawn time
  • Attack speed
  • Regeneration
With this build we’re going to focus on using Clunk to push and deal massive AoE damage. In most scenarios you will want to max explosion first, taking some health as needed to keep up with the power of the enemy team. Without a powerful explosion (or some later upgrades for his attack) Clunk is a little to weak in the early games. Take extra health early so you can stay alive and farm. Don’t run out with all the other kiddies bashing into each other before the droids get there, you’re too easy (and slow) of a target. Farm hard as Clunk, he really needs cash to be powerful (which is why you have the Solar Tree).
Once you’ve got money for the explosion the options open up. You can take the slow field if you’re playing aggressively with your team and pushing towers or having battles in open areas. If you have to play more careful or defensive, you’ll want to go with the hardhat so you can explode without so much repercussions. Up your damage along with your protection (because more damage does more damage to you) and continue to blow chase down enemies as they barely escape. The explosion will clear droid waves and damage turrets so don’t be afraid to use it once you’ve got your bite for some sustain.
As you go into the late game, max out your bite along with your explosions so you can keep your health up on long pushes. By the time the towers start going down you should have the snare so you can hold down enemies. Explosions won’t be enough to deal critical amounts of damage, so combining them with the bite (you can bite while you’re exploding) will tip fights in your favor.

When you’re losing…

You still have to max explosion when losing with Clunk. The more diversified he gets without maxing any one ability the less he can match up with his enemies. Build up your health and get the health increasing upgrade on your vacuum bite. If the enemy team is pushing hard, build your nuke and super missile upgrades to knock enemies back and chip away at their health. His missiles hurt big time and are great for defense or pushing.

Our Build

Clunk doesn’t change too much from when you first get him compared to his final moments, but he does get more powerful options. This build revolves around being a mega-tank though, so no matter what options you choose get out there and make some waves in the battles.

Once you get the piggy bank and some extra cash buy the full salvo (nuke and super missle) upgrades. While this doesn’t give you any extra tank or much AoE, it’s a ridiculous amount of damage early on. With the full salvo you’ll essentially be able to stand behind droids and just wreck anything that comes near you. Unfortunately, unlike your explosion, the missiles are a little easier to dodge, so kills won’t be your priority early game, but sending the whole enemy team back to base is. Push towers, farm and stay safe. Pick up your cash container upgrade for your bite and some extra health to go with it. After that, there’s a fork in the road:

If you’re in a push war…

Then take your explosion from here, maxing everything evenly, and keep the push alive. Fend off enemy attacks with the explosion, but don’t do it every time or you’ll just kill yourself. Ideally, this method is designed to clear enemy droid waves and protect other heroes on your team. The explosion also works well as a defensive mechanism, clearing droid waves so the enemy has no protection and hurting enemies that have to get too close to the tower.

If you’re playing the field more…

That means you’ll be running around trying to save people, take that tower, push that lane, catch that Leon etc. so you’ll need your snare on your bite for sure. The bit here becomes utility, you bring it so you can hold down your enemies and get your health back. Since you’re not very fast it’ll be important to have maximum snare time. Remember, your salvo can be increased if you’re doing really well to have an extra of both missiles, and will give you ridiculous damage output. Since the salvo is in the same order every time, when you’re just running to the battle load up the big nukes (do three attacks then stop) so you hit hard first.

Clunk does pretty ridiculous damage with either his explosion or attack completely maxed out, it’s just a matter of when to use either. Into late game Clunk runs the risk of soaking way too much damage and dying, so whenever you run into massive battles make sure to explode first so everyone’s just as hurt as you are. His attacks should be enough to absolutely shred an enemy drill or tower, so late game pushing with him is insane. All in all, Clunk loves the lane, he dominates it, so don’t take him from it too often.

When you’re losing…

Clunk is tough when you’re losing, Clunk is getting clunked to death when you’re losing and it’s frustrating. Focus on range, stay behind droids, stay behind towers, upgrade your basic attacks to ward off enemies and clear droid waves from a distance. Take your bite as well and use that to hold people back while they chase you. Most of all, farm farm farm and don’t go off on your own.


Crazy Ivan

With this variant you just take boots and regeneration instead of the extra health. Take the max health upgrade on your bite to get some extra tank there or you’ll die way too easily, though. The goal with this build is what it sounds like: chase after people and blow them up. You’ll also want increased lifesteal on the bite so you don’t die while they’re returning their attacks. This build is pretty fun but it only works if your team is backing you up, Clunk’s still too slow to be chasing spritely Leons around.

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