It’s a four man show this week as Damon Fillman and John Drawdy join myself and Perry. It’s a longer than usual episode too, we also ran into some technical issues so apologies if there are any audio oddities.

In this episode we discuss why it matters that Crysis isn’t coming to XBLA, or rather whether there needs to be more distinction on the different parts of the marketplace. We also hit on the Indie Game Summer Uprising as well as the recent public argument between Team Meat and Zen Studios.

We talk about last weeks releases, most of which we tried out or in my case reviewed. Then we round things out with this weeks twitter topic, which was provided by @Talus.

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Hosted, produced & edited by:

Ross Adams (@randomlyrossy)


Perry Jackson (@prryjcksn)

Damon Fillman (@DamonFillman)

John Drawdy (@pwjuggalo)

News discussed:

Real Steel game announced, October release

Indie Game Summer Uprising gets dashboard spotlight

Trenched becomes Iron Brigade everywhere, more content/dlc coming

Team Meat vs ZenEditorial: Not everyone thinks Microsoft is evil

Counterstrike Global Offensive details

Crysis is not coming to XBLA