Brad Muir and Greg Rice of Double Fine Productions have just announced on Whiskey Media’s Big Live Live Show Live that Trenched will be known as Iron Brigade in all regions once the game releases in Europe later this month. Those in the US and other regions Trenched was previously released will receive a title update to apply this change. Muir explained that without the name change players with Trenched would be unable to play online multiplayer with Iron Brigade owners.

In addition to this change Double Fine will also be adding a survival mode to the game, a much requested feature. This mode will be played on the African Hospital level and pit players against waves of (randomized) increasingly difficult enemies. There will also be new unlocks, including weapons, costumes and of course gestures. Brad Muir also confirmed there will be some form of DLC at some point in the future, but didn’t say much more than that.

Expect the title update alongside the games European release sometime this month. For you European players who have yet to experience Trenched/Iron Brigade check out our review to find out why you should play it. Then get prepared by checking out our extensive guide!