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  • Anoxemia – A story-driven exploration game that puts players in control after a deep sea mission goes awry. There are over 35 levels filled with samples to be collected and dangers such as poison drifts, ocean currents, mines, and mobile machines. There’s also the ever constant threat of a depleting oxygen tank so resources need to be managed well. Was $7.99, is now $3.20
  • Coffin Dodgers — A kart racer where retirement home residents race against death. We rated it “Limited Appeal” – was $11.99, is now $4.80
  • Crypt of the Serpent King — A first person dungeon hack’n’slash with rougelike elements. Each dungeon is randomly generated and will host orcs, giant spiders and a variety of other menaces. Was $1.99, is now $1.00
  • Deadlight: Director’s Cut — A post-apocalyptic zombie game set in the ’80s, where you play as father searching for his family in Seattle. We rated it “Highly Recommended” – was $14.99, is now $3.00
  • Don’t Knock Twice — A first-person horror game based on the movie of the same title. A mother must search a manor for her estranged daughter. In order to save her, she must solve the mystery of the witch – one knock wakes her from her bed, twice raises her from the dead. Was $12.49, is now $7.49
  • Heart&Slash — A 3D brawler roguelike robot love story. You play as a robot named Heart, who is fighting to escape the evil machine, QuAsSy (Quality Assurance Systems). Deaths are permanent and levels are procedurally generated, so you start with different weapons and enemies every time. Was $19.99, is now $10.00
  • Ink — A hardcore platformer about using colorful paint to uncover your surroundings. The object of each level is to defeat all of the enemies in the room and reach the goal. However, the terrain is initially invisible to the player until you spray it with paint. We rated it “Reader’s Choice” – was $9.99, is now $3.00
  • Mighty No. 9 – A side-scrolling action game that seeks to emulate the best of games like Megaman. We rated it “Limited Appeal” – was $19.99, is now $5.00
  • Mighty No. 9 – Ray Expansion — An expansion that gives you RAY’s storyline, a mysterious robot that Beck has been tasked with finding. Was $4.99, is now $2.50
  • Mighty No. 9 – Retro Hero — Play as a retro-inspired version of Beck plus get access to a one-hit-kills mode. Was $2.99, is now $1.50
  • Super Hyperactive Ninja — A fast-paced hyper-caffeinated, 2D action-platformer. The story goes that the evil Shogun has stolen all the coffee from the secret ninja village of Kohinomura and you need to recover it before you fall asleep. Your energy is limited, and must be recharged with the coffees you find in game. If you run out of caffeine, it’s game over. There are 50 levels to challenge players with plenty of secrets and unlockables along the way. Was $8.99, is now $6.29
  • The Council – Episode 1: The Mad Ones — A five-part, episodic series, in which you take control of a member of a secret society in 1793’s England. Other guests include Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington, in this game which promises a narrative adventure with permanent consequences. Was $6.99, is now $3.50
  • This War of Mine: The Little Ones — Is a game that takes on war as a serious topic and game mechanic. Players will control survivors trying to scavenge enough to live. It’s a very unique and poignant survival-sim. We rated it “Buy It” (Legacy Scoring System) – was $19.99, is now $5.00

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