Thanks for joining us again for the weekly round up of the Deals with Gold. Please remember that all prices listed below require an Xbox Live Gold membership. Buying a game through any link used in this post will directly support XBLA Fans.

  • Dex — A cyberpunk, 2D side-scrolling RPG that tells the story of an AI named Dex. The story is deeply inspired by the novels of William Gibson and other classical cyberpunk authors. Check out our quick taste video. Was $19.99, is now $13.39
  • Flockers — A puzzle platformer where players must help their sheep that are held in captivity by an evil master escape. Getting from point A to B will be difficult though thanks to crazy and brutal traps. Was $24.99, is now $5.00
  • Gigantic: Eternal Dawn Pack — A hero and skin pack for the recently released hero shooter online multiplayer game. This pack gives you one hero (Zandora), four premium skins for various heroes, and the Storm Drake Creature. Was $19.99, is now $11.99
  • Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 5 — This indie game bundle includes: Human Fall Flat, Manual Samuel, and The Little Acre. Was $28.99, is now $19.42
  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight — A side-scrolling platformer, focused on action gameplay such as melee combos, dodge mechanics and a plethora of items and spells to unleash upon your enemies. It’s set in a cursed land, where as evil spreads, the dead rise. Take on the role of young heroine Kaho, a priestess as she sets out to save the day. Was $9.99, is now $6.99
  • Not a Hero: Super Snazzy Edition — A cover-based side-scrolling shooter soaked in blood and politics. You play as a gang of assassins hired by mayoral candidate BunnyLord to clean up the city. Use each character’s unique abilities to take out crime and win the votes of the constituents. Was $12.99, is now $3.25
  • Race The Sun — In this game, you will play as a solar-powered craft in which the sun is your death timer. Hurtle yourself towards the sunset at top speeds in a race against time. Delay the inevitable by catching speed boosts which reverse the setting sun – if only for a moment. This game is inspired by arcade games of the past with a focus on high scores, short game sessions, and pure fun mingled with nerve-wracking tension. Was $9.99, is now $6.69
  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse – Team JNPR Bundle — A 4 player, online co-op, hack and slash game based upon Rooster Teeth’s international hit series RWBY. This bundle pack includes the main game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, as well as the add-on Team JNPR that gives you the ability to play as Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, and Lie Ren. Was $22.99, is now $11.50
  • Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax — Soar through space, defeat evil and save the future from itself in this 1-4 player couch co-op action shooter game that combines SHMUP and brawler-like gameplay with light RPG elements. Was $9.99, is now $2.00
  • The Bug Butcher — A 2D side-scrolling shoot’em up where you play as an exterminator named Harry looking to save scientists from an infected research facility with dangerous bugs. Players can clear each room on a solo mission or they can bring a friend along with two player local co-op. Was $9.99, is now $5.00
  • The Inner World — A point and click game that follows the tale of Robert and mysterious thief Laura on an adventure to discover the secret of the disappearance of Asposia’s three great wind fountains. We rated it, “Highly Recommended” – was $14.99, is now $10.04

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