crimson alliance

Crimson Alliance tips

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  • Make sure to always use Block (RT), this will help save hearts and keep your multiplier going
  • Always make sure to use deployables, they can make a difference …
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Crimson Alliance monster guide

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These enemies are all rather week and are really only dangerous in large numbers, they are best dealt with by using your normal attack and staying on the move.

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Crimson Alliance City Warrens level guide

City Warrens Secret areas (10):

  1. Right as the level starts a stack of crates will be minding its own business off towards the bottom left of the screen. …
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Crimson Alliance Fall of Byzan level guide

Fall of Byzan Secret Areas (9):

  1. At the first crossroad, go straight down the long corridor (mid-right of the screen) rather than going up and fighting the archer there.

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Crimson Alliance Inner Sanctum level guide

Inner Sanctum Secret Areas (8):

  1. After the first checkpoint coming down the stairs from the majorly awesome fire-fight, hang a right U-turn and hug the wall to find the …
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Crimson Alliance Homecoming level guide

Homecoming Secret Areas (9):

  1. After the first battle with the Undread Hand (See? Cleverness) after traveling up the short stairs and through the gate, hand a right (that is, …
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Crimson Alliance Palace of Death level guide

Palace of Death The Present:

This is for an achievement much like carrying the gnome through Half Life 2. Right at the beginning of the level at the far left …
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Crimson Alliance Requiem level guide

Requiem Secret Areas (8):

  1. After the first gate will be lots and lots of wooden platforms. The first large ramp ends in a fork, with left (west) going towards …
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Crimson Alliance Sea of Sand level guide

Sea of Sand Secret Areas (7):

  1. When first venturing onto the barren lands of barren dirt sand sadness, a rather neat pile of crates and explosive barrels. Navigate through …
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Crimson Alliance Cultist Stronghold level guide

Cultist Stronghold Secret Area (8):

  1. In the first large plaza with the neatly placed barren tree and plants in the center is a pole with a white banner over …
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