These enemies are all rather week and are really only dangerous in large numbers, they are best dealt with by using your normal attack and staying on the move.


Ranged attackers are pesky and annoying, only attacking from a distance and running anytime you come near. It is best to handle these enemies quickly anytime they are present. Keep a special eye on the Skeleton Sappers as they throw poisonous urns that will suck you life bar dry rather quickly.


These are a few enemies that really don’t fit into a basic category. Here you have Wargs which are wolf-like creatures that move fast and in packs.  The Red Hand Gunner will not run away like the other ranged attackers and will only stop firing his gatling gun for a brief second to reload. The Ninja is another ranged attacker, but she will fight in close counters if you trap her, sh also moves away much quicker then the rest forcing you to dash her to get the first strike.

Heavy Hitters

No matter where they come from you will have to watch for there hard hitting blows. Very little you can do once they are in motion towards you other then step out of the way and counter. There are two special notes here, one is that the large zombie can just be side-stepped as he will explode after almost touching you. The second is that the Deathknight can only be harmed when his armor is down and the glowing cat-like eye is exposed, which you must attack.


These guys all have one form of magic or another and are commonly protected by a bubble shield. One or two heavy attacks directly to the shield and they will be vulnerable to anything you throw at them. It is best to deal with these types of enemies as quick as possible as many of them also cast magic empowering the smaller enemies.


The leaders are always strong and normally have lots of minions around to keep you occupied and away from them. They will however continue to attack you both from a distance and up close, so keeping an constant eye on them and staying on the move is your best bet.