• Make sure to always use Block (RT), this will help save hearts and keep your multiplier going
  • Always make sure to use deployables, they can make a difference between silver and gold
  • Check all walls for for secrets before moving on (or just use our guide)
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, you may sometimes see secrets before you can get to them
  • Using your dash, teleport (A) is a very effective way to avoid danger
  • Speed, secret areas and your multiplier are key to achieving high level scores
  • Ranged enemies are the bane of your multiplier, always know where they are
  • With the Assassin and Mercenary, blocking only occurs in the direction they’re facing, so use the right stick to move and block in separate directions
  • Hit and run does work, so hit enemies while it’s safe rather than risking it


  • Always know where you party members are and try to stay close
  • Play off of each others abilities; i.e. – Wizard/Mercenary: freeze enemies with the Wizard and bash the to pieces with the Mercenary
  • Stay stalked on heart totems, if an ally falls it is much easier to drop one to revive them then it is to try and stand there during battle holding (LT)
  • Don’t fight over who gets to the gold first, every one gets the same amount no matter who picks it up
  • Keep an eye on each others life, never know when this is the difference between a close call and death
  • Don’t stretch the screen too much, being forcefully teleported can result in taking a hit or losing track of your character
  • Call it when about to throw or attack red barrels or poison urns
  • Speed is essential, but don’t get swept up in the team’s combined power, defense is still necessary to preserve the multiplier

Challenge Maps

  • Stock up on all deployables before attempting
  • Go after the larger enemies first, the smaller ones can easily be pushed back (B) while you do this
  • However, if the elites can be ignored entirely (if their ranged attacks can be blocked by rocks etc.) then thin the herd as much as possible
  • Meat will help slim down the attacking pack when you have large groups of enemies spawning at once
  • Always pay attention to how many rounds there are and which one you are currently on
  • Using ultimate abilities is a big deal, it’s not necessary to save it until the end all the time, all the enemies mean it’ll come back pretty quick


  • Having trouble passing a level, go back to one of the challenge maps and replay a few times collecting quick gold to buy the next level piece of equipment
  • Keep an eye on your special move (LB), it is slow to fill, but very effective.
  • Your equipment set up should be set for your play style
  • Careful with equipment stats, anything over 20 doesn’t count