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Pid does the opposition tango

By  •  June 27, 2012

The world of Pid is full of hostiles, yet the hero has no combat moves. As the trailer demonstrates through interpretive dance, it’s up to the player to outsmart …
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Might and Delight teams with D3P to publish Pid

By  •  June 12, 2012


Swedish developer Might and Delight announced this week it has paired with publisher D3Publisher (or D3P) to publish Might and Delight’s platformer Pid on XBLA. The partnership comes at the tail end of the game’s production, according to a news release, so “the vision has been entirely that of Might and Delight, while (D3P’s) years of publishing expertise will solidify Pid as a stunning success.”

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E3 Hands-on: Floating through Pid’s intriguing planet

By  •  June 10, 2012

Walking home from school these days is getting more and more hazardous. In the past, all you had to worry about were shady characters with lollipops, but it seems that now we have to worry about being teleported to mysterious planets. What is the world coming to?

In the 2D platform-puzzler Pid — the first title from ex-Bionic Commander: Rearmed developers Might and Delight — a schoolboy finds himself marooned on a mysterious planet inhabited by all manner of robotic creatures. You’ll encounter anything from giant missile-firing robots to small droids repeating simple tasks. Knowing nothing of this planet or its programmed population, making friends might be a bit difficult for Pid.

Couple these hostile automatons with hazards like massive spike traps and you’ve got yourself a dangerous situation. Thankfully you find the ability to summon light elevators (yes, light elevators) from your very finger tips.

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Pid aiming for an August release

By  •  June 8, 2012

Pid has been making quite the impression at E3 2012 this year from some of our editors on location. The platformer where you play a boy who fell asleep …
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Alien Spidy spins up a new trailer

By  •  March 26, 2012

Publishers Kalypso Media have released a new video that proves that alien spiders are cuter than your average bathtub beastie. The latest trailer for upcoming physics based platformer Alien …
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Take a look at the evolution of Pid’s gameplay

By  •  March 23, 2012

It’s a hard wait for Might & Delight’s upcoming Pid but we can’t wait to get our hands on the platforming action from space and neon backpacks. The developer …
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Might and Delight interview on upcoming platform puzzler, Pid

By  •  January 25, 2012


We here at XBLA Fans love ourselves a good platformer. There’s dozens of them out there, and we’ve played them all and loved them… well most of them. Games like Limbo and Braid often stand out as those sort of out-there platformers with a lot of quirk to them. Looks like we’ll be able to add Pid to the list of interesting, strange and unique platformers soon to grace the digital download marketplace. However, as Pid does leave one filled with wonder and intrigue, we took it upon ourselves to seek out Pid‘s developers, Might and Delight to acquire further elucidation on the cosmic entity that is Pid.

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The perilous platforming of Pid from Might & Delight

By  •  December 6, 2011

If you were watching Giant Bomb’s livestream yesterday, you would have seen a lovely trailer for the new XBLA platformer Pid from Might & Delight, former GRIN employees. Now …
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Might & Delight unveil Pid coming to XBLA

By  •  December 5, 2011

Just a few moments ago, we told you that previous GRIN employees formed a new company called Might & Delight but what we didn’t know is their new game …
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Enigma Software and Kalypso Media set to bring Alien Spidy to XBLA

By  •  November 9, 2011

Enigma Software has signed a deal with Kalypso Media to bring their upcoming side-scrolling platformer Alien Spidy to Xbox Live Arcade. Previously announced for PlayStation Vita, Alien Spidy puts …
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