Swedish developer Might and Delight announced this week it has paired with publisher D3Publisher (or D3P) to publish Might and Delight’s platformer Pid on XBLA. The partnership comes at the tail end of the game’s production, according to a news release, so “the vision has been entirely that of Might and Delight, while (D3P’s) years of publishing expertise will solidify Pid as a stunning success.”

Wendy Young, managing director of Might and Delight, commented on the partnership in the release:

“This is a fantastic opportunity to share Pid with as wide of an audience as possible…We’re maintaining complete creative control and are combining that with the distribution support of a great publisher.”

Pid puts the player in the role of a young protagonist stranded on a remote planet filled with malevolent robots and gather allies in order to face off against a ruler who doesn’t want to let anyone leave. According to the release, “Players hone their gaming abilities through creative approaches to gravity-bending action, intricate puzzle-solving and classic precision platform action.”

Might and Delight was formed in 2010 and, according to the news release, have worked on titles such as Mirror’s Edge, Killzone, Bionic Commando: Rearmed and others. D3P, which has published games like White Knight Chronicles II and Madagascar 3, owns development studio Vicious Cycle Software and has published games for all major platforms.

Pid is set to release later this summer. Aside from XBLA, it will also release on the PlayStation Network and Steam. If you missed it, check out our preview from E3.