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Children of Morta Review: All in the Family

By  •  November 20, 2019

The Bergsons are a strong family, who are the guardians of Mount Morta (the land in which they reside). An ancient evil starts to devour the land and it’s up …
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Pandemic: The Board Game Review: Take Two Aspirin

By  •  September 8, 2019

I’ve lived throughout the Southeastern United States, but the one city that I’ve called home for most of my life is Atlanta. It’s known for many things – its airport, …
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Shadow Fencer Theater Review: The Show Mustn’t Go On

By  •  July 1, 2019

Shadow puppet theater was thought to have originated sometime in the first millennium BCE. That’s a long time ago! It was a form of entertainment and a way pass on …
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Stories: The Path of Destinies Review: What Does the Fox Slay

By  •  April 11, 2019

Our hero in Stories: The Path of Destiniesy is Reynardo, a fox who is a skilled swordsman. This story is unlike any other. What I mean by this is you …
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Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing Review: VR Without VR

By  •  April 6, 2019

Take command of a flying ship to become the champion in a reality TV based game show. You must forge alliances and make enemies to give you an edge on …
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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Review: Zootopia Re-Ducks

By  •  January 19, 2019

Common sense moment – it’s generally regarded as bad form to consume alcohol prior to doing anything that requires good cognitive skills. Driving obviously comes to mind. Making important decisions, …
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Think of the Children Review: A parent’s worst nightmare

By  •  December 20, 2018

When I first started playing Think of the Children, I had no clue what to expect. I hadn’t read anything about it, nor seen any trailers. I figured it was …
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Tuesday New Releases: October 16th, 2018

By  •  October 16, 2018

This Tuesday sees the release of a large variety of games, many of which are your standard AAA titles, and a few new indie games. In regards to our indie titles, …
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Pizza Titan Ultra Review: Cheesy but fresh

By  •  October 8, 2018

With a title like Pizza Titan Ultra, you’ll already be able to guess what you’re in for. The whole premise is to complete chapters involving different objectives. It’s very time …
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Bounce Rescue Review: Nothing short of aggravating!

By  •  October 3, 2018

Games such as Celeste and Super Meat Boy have shown us that with the right execution, a platformer with the difficulty ramped up can be quite the success. Both games …
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