What would a stealth game be without some items hidden from the players as well? It’s only fair, right? Well in case those scrolls are hiding too well, we’ve got a guide to shed some light on their location for you! Welcome to our Mark of the Ninja scrolls and challenges guide. Since the scrolls also include the challenge gates, we figured it’s only fair you get the solutions to those as well! However, they are genuinely interesting pieces of the game that we recommend you at least try- none of them have anything to do with stealth, they’re mostly spatial. Also beware of spoilers in the level names.

If you’re not sure what Mark of the Ninja is then check out our review and educate yourself! The developers, Klei Entertainment, also made Shank (and Shank 2), which you should totally check out after you’re done sneaking through this guide. Each page has the map location for each of the three scrolls for the level including a description of how to solve each challenge room (there isn’t one in the first level). If you reach the end of a level without finding a scroll, be sure to bring up your map and compare it with our screenshots. The scrolls will be where the number and the ninja-stamp are.

  1. Ink & Dreams
  2. Breaching the Perimeter
  3. Trail of Shadow
  4. A Change in Course
  5. The Fall of Hessian Tower
  6. An Ancestral Home
  7. Above a Bottomless Chasm
  8. The Inner Keep
  9. A Blade at his Neck
  10. A Shattered Stronghold
  11. Set to Flight
  12. The Return

Thanks for reading and happy stabbing! Or sneaking. Or smoke bombing. Whatever you want.