Scroll #1

Challenge Scroll

In our very first challenge gate we’ve got a bit of Limbo-puzzling to do regarding big metal doors and crates. The first and obvious decision to make here is to turn off the big red laser beams of instant-body-frying by hitting the switch right next to your head. From there, you’ll notice that there’s now a big red death laser just below the scroll, making passage impossible. As such, we’ll need to find a way to have the bottom lasers on without being fried to death.

Step one is to get that crate down to the bottom floor. Drag it on over to the big floor-door and drop down to the bottom. From there the rest is pretty easy. Pull the crate over to the far left corner where all the lasers come from.

Once you’ve got the scary death beams all nice and plugged up, just head on up to the top of the level and pick up your first challenge scroll! Mmmmm, bet the paper smells nice and first-time-success-y.

Scroll #2

Scroll #3

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