Scroll #1

Scroll #2

Challenge Gate

This gate is one of the longest ones, it’s even got a mid-challenge checkpoint! That said, you shouldn’t be needing it since we’ll tell you what’s going to kill you. Jump onto the main platform and make your way to the left of the level until you see a turn-able wheel. Rotate the wheel until the crate makes it all the way to the bottom, then jump on the crate quickly before it goes too high, being wary of the spikes lining the walls. Once you’re at the top, pull that lever, then skidaddle through the vent in the ceiling up to the double-doors.

Once you pull that lever knives are going to fly at you. We recommend letting the first set hit the door so you don’t die from rushing it, but hey it’s your health bar! This is where the checkpoint is, by the way. Once the knives finish hitting the door, immediately open it then teleport to the first piece of cover (the dragon statue) and hide there. After each wave of knives, move over one piece of cover. Once you get to the last piece of cover, teleport into the save nook under the knives.

Pull the lever on the way out of there then head back to where that crate was. Over in the opening to the left of the crate’s path is a grapple point- grapple to that. You’ll probably notice it due to the constant swinging of that massive, intimidating blade that you’re just going to teleport through. Teleport to the other side and pull the lever, then pull the one blocked by the blade.

Once all the levers are pulled drop down to the main platform. From left to right use darts to knock all the bombs onto the ground, making sure not to let them hit you (they hurt) or to step on them once they become landmines. Once each of them has been tossed to the ground, drop below and just make a run straight for the scroll- it’s really quick theatrical.

Scroll #3

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