Scroll #1

Challenge Gate

Ahhh, the final challenge gate! So far, they’ve all been easy, right? Must be the whole guide thing. This one shall be no more difficult than the others (thanks to the guide)! Pick a side, any side–we picked the left one though, so that’s how we’ll guide you. Rotate the light such that it exposes the left floor-level entry, then teleport your way over to the lever within (not the one guarded by lasers, you can’t fit in there). Pull the lever on the bottom floor and on the top floor to expose the right side of the room, then teleport back to the center of the map (where the light-rotation wheel is).

Move the light such that it’s aiming at the light-sensitive-switch on the right, then enter the room on the right and pull the lever there. In fact, just pull all the levers on the entire right side of the map. This will turn on the left lights as well as turn off one of the lasers blocking the scroll.

Once you’ve done that, again make your way back to the center of the room.

Turn the wheel such that the light now faces the left-side switch, making the left laser-lever safe to pull. Pull that final lever then go get your scroll and your achievement!

Scroll #2

Scroll #3

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