Microsoft announced the Xbox One Digital Games Deals that will be available this week during their Countdown to 2017 Sale.

Digital Games on Xbox One:

  • 10 Second Ninja —  is a challenging platformer with short levels and rediculously addicting gameplay. We rated it “Must Buy“. Was $9.99, is $4 [Buy Here]
  • 101 Ways to Die —  is physics puzzle game where players set up traps and kill minions before they can reach the end portal. We rated it “Reader’s Choice“. Was $9.99, is $5.99 [Buy Here]
  • 10tons Adventure Puzzle Bundle — Combines Azkend 2 and Sparkle 2. Was $13.99, is $7 [Buy Here]
  • 7 Days to Die —  is a zombie survival game where players must scavenge supplies and survive an impending zombie assault. We rated it “Readers Choice“. Was $29.99, is $15 [Buy Here]
  • Ark: Survival Evolved — is a survival game with Dinosaurs. Build bases, train dinosaurs, and fight other survivors in the harsh environments as you progress though tech periods unlocking new tools and weapons. As this game is still in preview we haven’t rated it at this time, but you can read our early thoughts on the game. — was $34.99, is $17.50 [Buy Here]
  • Batman: The Telltale Series  — Episode 1 is currently free for Gold Users. If you are actually interested in the full game please do yourself a favor and download episode 1 separate and then pick up episodes 2-5. You’ll save money this way. Telltale’s Batman goes more in-depth on the character of Bruce Wayne then past game offerings. We haven’t scored Batman yet but you can read our thoughts on Episode 1 and Episode 2. — Episode 1 is currently FREE; Episode 2-5 was $19.99 is currently $11.99 [Buy Here]
  • Castle Crashers Remastered —  is the remastered version of the classic XBLA brawler. Was $14.99, is $4.95 [Buy Here]
  • Claire Extended Cut —  is a 2D survival horror game similar to Silent Hill. It has a great story and some unique puzzles. We rated it “Readers Choice“. Was $14.50, is $7.50 [Buy Here]
  • Dear Esther: Landmark Edition —  is one of the original “walking sims.” We rated it “Limited Appeal“. Was $9.99, is $6.69 [Buy Here]
  • Don’t Starve Giant Edition Shipwrecked Edition —  contains both Don’t Starve Giant Edition and Don’t Starve Shipwrecked. Was $18.99, is $9.50 [Buy Here]
  • Goat Simulator the Payday Bundle —  contains the newest Goat Sim DLC. Was $14.99, is $11.24 [Buy Here]
  • Jet Car Stunts —  is a physics based arcade racing game. Was $4,99, is $2.50 [Buy Here]
  • Kings Quest the Complete Collection — reboots the classic franchise with an all new story as well as significant gaming improvements. Was $29.99, is $19.49 [Buy Here]
  • Kung-Fu for Kinect —  is a game where players punch and kick their way through comic book villains. Was $19.99, is $10 [Buy Here]
  • Layers of Fear —  is a fantastic horror experience. Players discover while walking through a house with a psychedelic horror experience. We rated it “Try It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $19.99, is $8 [Buy Here]
  • Livelock — is a top-down co-operative shooter. There are three different classes to play each with different weapons and abilities. We rated it a “Must Buy“. Was $19.99, is $11.99 [Buy Here]
  • Manual Samuel —  is unique narrative driven experience based around doing daily tasks manually, including walking, breathing and blinking. We rated it “Readers Choice“. Was $9.99, is $6.69 [Buy Here]
  • Monopoly Family Fun —  includes three different Monopoly titles: My Monopoly, Monopoly Deal and Monopoly Plus. Was $19.99, is $10 [Buy Here]
  • Penarium —  is an old school style platformer. With a beautiful look, sound and precise controls, Penarium is worth a look. We rated it “Buy It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $9.99, is $2.50 [Buy Here]
  • Rock ‘N Racing Bundle —  contains both Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing and Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX. Was $11.99, is $6 [Buy Here]
  • Rocket League —  is an amazing sports-racing hybrid game where players play soccer (and now Basketball) in cars. We rated it “Buy It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $19.99, is $11.99 [Buy Here]
  • Soul Axiom —  is a puzzle exploration game with some unique ideas but ultimately ends with very tiresome gameplay. We rated it “No Appeal“. Was $12.49, is $6.25 [Buy Here]
  • State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition —  is a fantastic Zombie experience on Xbox One. This package updates the visuals as well as includes all previous DLC in a single game. We rated it “Buy It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $29.99, is $12.00 [Buy Here]
  • Steredenn —  is a solid, competent shmup that gets a tad repetitive. We rated it “Reader’s Choice“. Was $12.99, is $7.79 [Buy Here]
  • The Banner Saga Complete Pack —  is a fantastic narrative experience that plays similar to a mix of the Oregon Trail and X-Com. We rated it “Highly Recommended“. Was $39.99, is $23.99 [Buy Here]
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales —  is narrative point and click experience. Was $19.99, is $5 [Buy Here]
  • The Bunker —  is a FMV narrative experience that takes place inside a bunker. We rated it “Reader’s Choice“. Was $19.99, is $13.39 [Buy Here]
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 3 — The definitive party game experience on Xbox One. The Jackbox team does it again with all new games. This game is highly recommended if you ever entertain groups and enjoy trivia / party games. Was $24.99, is $16.74 [Buy Here]
  • This War of Mine: the Little Ones — is a game that takes on War as a serious topic and game mechanic. Players will control survivors trying to scavenge enough to live. It’s a very unique and poignant survival-sim  We rated it “Buy It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $29.99, is $9 [Buy Here]
  • Unravel —  is a visually charming puzzle platforming game. We rated it “Skip It (Legacy Score System)”. Was $19.99, is $5 [Buy Here]

Free to Play Games on Xbox One: