Here it is, our super guide to Orcs Must Die! This time around not only do we have text, level guides are also going up live on our Youtube Channel. Big thanks to our Guide Coordinators for their work on the written portion of this guide and thanks to MrTheVestman for filming the video guides. Not sure if you’ll like Orcs Must Die!? Check out our review here. If you already love it but don’t have it yet, learn more about it with our interview with Robot Entertainment’s Community Manger, Justin Korthoff.

Note: The videos for the later levels are currently being uploaded and will be embedded as they go live over the next day or so.

General Tips

Tips & Tricks

Traps Guide

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Weavers Guide

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Enemy Guide

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Level Guides

  1. The Hallway
  2. The Fork
  3. The Corner
  4. The Baths
  5. Runner’s Alley
  6. Overpass
  7. Twin Halls
  8. Lunch break
  9. The Stream
  10. Sludge Hole
  11. Chaos Chamber
  12. Chokepoint
  13. The Arena
  14. The Balcony
  15. The Tower
  16. The Library
  17. The Bridge
  18. Killing Fields
  19. Rebirth
  20. Gateway
  21. Hard Climb
  22. The Squeeze
  23. Stairs of Doom
  24. Finale