Season six of Fortnite is upon us and with it the first week of challenges. The starting week doesn’t offer up anything too crazy, but there are some new unique twists on certain challenges that are sure to make it more interesting. As always, there’s a total of 50 battle stars available between 10 challenges. Three of the challenges are available for free players, and the other four are locked behind the battle pass. Here is a look at the season five challenges.

Pickup a Legendary Item in different matches

This will take three or more matches, depending on your luck. For this challenge, you simply need to pick up three legendary (gold) items. Upon picking up the item, you will be rewarded with progress. Be sure to finish the match to secure your progress. Thankfully, anything of the legendary rarity counts whether it’s a port-a-fortress grenade, chug jug, or even a weapon.

Regain health from a Cozy Campfire

The fastest way to complete this challenge is to purposefully injure yourself and use the Cozy Campfire to heal you. After securing a campfire, make sure you’re at 100 health and build a ramp up. You’ll want to make the ramp four to five stories high for maximum effectiveness. Jump off the ramp and when you hit the ground, depending on your height you’ll be between 15 – 30 health. Place down a floor and walls around the floor to protect yourself. Then simply place down the Cozy Campfire and stand near as it heals you. The challenge requires you to heal 150 health, so it will take roughly between one to three campfires to complete the challenge. It’s better to do it this way because if you hold onto it until you’re injured, there’s a chance that you may end up losing a gunfight, and hence losing the campfire.

Stage 1: Search Chests

Stage one of this challenge is about as basic as it gets. Chances are you open plenty of chests while playing the game at any other time, this challenge asks you to open three. Chests are everywhere in Fortnite. Every location on the map has at least one chest available. Simply search three chests (open them) and the challenge will complete. Finish the match to unlock stage two.

Stage 2: Search Supply Drops

Here’s where the challenge starts to get a little annoying. This is also by no means hard. Supply drops can be a little more difficult to come by in a normal match. Remember to build a small fort around the supply drop before opening it, so you don’t get shot or eliminated while doing so. To make this challenge even easier, Soaring 50’s mode always has supply drops spawning in, in the safe zone, so there’s ample opportunity to snag the two required.


Stage 3: Search Supply Llamas

Stage three is where this challenge gets annoying. You’re required to search one supply llama. The problem with supply llamas is that its unpredictable where they will spawn. Even worse, only a small few spawn in each match so that stacks the odds of finding one between 99 other people even lower. The best way to spot a llama is from up in the air. As you’re flying in, open your shoot early and glide around looking for a llama. They can spawn pretty much anywhere except inside buildings. Be sure to check in trees, on the sides of mountains, and even in the water of Loot Lake.

Apply Shields

For this challenge, all you need to do is give yourself shields from either mini or full shield pots, slurp juices, chug jug, or even from mushrooms. You’re required to gain 500 shields, and there are a variety of different ways to achieve this. If you aren’t in a hurry, normal play will eventually unlock it. The fast way to do it is to play as normal, but every time you spot more shields, purposely damage yourself to where you need to use the potions. It’s possible to get this challenge completed in one game, especially if you’re under constant threat. Otherwise, it will take a few games. Here are the items to keep a look out for:

Stage X: Land at [Named Location]

This challenge really doesn’t need any explanation. There are five stages to this challenge. Each stage tasks you with landing at a specific named location on the map. Immediately after touching down at the location, you’ll be counted for completing that stage. The first location you’re asked to visit is Junk Junction found in the top right corner of the map. Stage two asks players to land at Tomato Temple. The third hotspot to land is the all but infamous Tilted Towers. For the fourth stage, players are asked to head to Fatal Fields. Last but not least, Flush Factory at stage five.

Note: This will take five total games to complete. This is because when the challenge completes, players are still required to finish the match for the next stage to unlock.

Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights

Here’s the first unique challenge of season six. Players are required to head over to different Streetlights around the map, stand inside the spotlight on the ground, and dance. Immediately upon dancing the challenge will reward progress. Players need to dance under seven different streetlights, and thankfully there are more than seven on the map, so there is ample opportunity to get this challenge done quick. Not any streetlight will work, the correct streetlights are the ones with the white speakers all around the top of the pole. Here is what you’ll want to be looking for, as well as a map of every location.

Eliminate opponents in different Named Locations

The final challenge of week one tasks you with landing at five different locations and eliminating at least one opponent. This challenge can easily be achieved in one game, as long as you’re actively heading between locations and there are enemies present. No specific location is required, so you’re land where you wish to complete the challenge.

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