If you’ve managed to complete all the challenges for week two of season six, congrats! You’ll be rewarded with a loading screen to help you find the secret for this week. This week, there is no hidden Battlestar waiting to be claimed. There is, however, a banner hidden somewhere on the map. When players collect this banner, they can then equip it to use as their banner icon representing them. The loading screen image that is presented shows one of the new Battle Pass skins in a forest surrounded by a bunch of shadowy figures. There is a diagram on the tree to the far right of the image which shows a banner symbol and what looks to be an old horse carriage. If this wasn’t enough of a dead giveaway to the location of the banner, you’ll want to head to the horse carriage that can be found just outside the northern part of Paradise Palms.

Once here, you’ll want to jump onto the front of the carriage and you’ll find the banner floating above you. Simply hold X to claim the banner. A hidden challenge will complete. All that’s left to do at this point is play through the match as normal. Once the match completes and you’re back in the lobby, head into the locker and down to the bottom left where your player icon can be found. Select the icons tab and scroll all the way down to find your new banner waiting for you.