There’s really no secret or skill required for completing this week’s challenges. It’s almost as if Epic Games wanted to make sure this week’s challenges were doable by anyone and everyone to unlock the Hunting Party secret characters. This week’s challenges are the epiphany of busy work in every sense. Destroying trees, consuming various healing items, and even damaging and eliminating opponents. All these tasks you’ve probably done countless times in the past. Here are your challenges for week seven.

Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a single match

Remember those green boxes that almost everyone seems to ignore or forget about? Well, it looks like for once you’ll need to give them the attention they deserve. Ammo boxes can be found everywhere and anywhere. Buildings, attics, basements, etc. Be sure to destroy furniture and boxes in houses as ammo boxes may be concealed behind these objects. Open seven of these green boxes in a single match, and you’ll complete the challenge.

Deal Headshot Damage to opponents

You’re not required to eliminate the opponents. You’ll only need to deal 500 damage with headshots for this challenge. Best weaponry for completing this is an SMG at close range or a sniper rifle from far range. Opponents can have anywhere between 0 – 200 health, so dealing 500 damage will take a few enemies. Eliminating three opponents with full health and shields with a heavy sniper rifle headshot will complete this, but so can eliminating five different enemies with headshots who only have 100 health. This challenge will come while trying for some of the other various challenges.

Stage x: Deal damage to opponents in a single match

This challenge comes in three stages, and all are relatively the same. Stage one will ask you to deal 300 damage to opponents in a single match. This is easily achievable by eliminating two opponents who have max health and shields, or three enemies with full health and no shields. You don’t need to eliminate the opponents for this challenge to accumulate progress, but it’s the fastest way to earn the damage requirement. Stage two increases the damage to 400 in a single match, which is still easy to achieve with 200 health and shields, or four enemies with 100 health and no shields. The third and final stage asks you to deal 500 damage in a single match to opponents. Just keep continuing the engage and eliminate opponents, and this challenge will complete in no time.

Stage 1: Destroy Trees

The first of three easy staged challenges tasks you with destroying trees. Any means that a tree can be destroyed will add progress to your challenge. Harvesting skinny trees is a quick and simple way of achieving the 50 required. Shooting a tree can be a waste of ammo, and a bit slower, but still counts. Rocketing a tree is pretty explosive, and will progress the challenge once the tree is destroyed. Finally, running through smaller trees while boosting with the quad-crasher ATV can help progress the challenge quickly. Trees are literally everywhere so this isn’t really any challenge at all.

Stage 2: Destroy Rocks

Stage two asks players to destroy 25 rocks. There are plenty of areas to go for rocks, but the two best places to land to complete this as quickly as possible would be the umbrella-shaped quarry just west of Lazy Links or the quarry to the northwest of Fatal Fields. There is an abundance of rocks in close proximity to each other here. Using explosives, and mining the rocks here will get you the 25 needed in no time.

Stage 3: Destroy cars

There are cars pretty much everywhere in variance locations. The best place to go for cars quick is Risky Reels. There are cars lined up in the middle of the drive-in here ready for the picking. Land, arm yourself, eliminate any opposition, and then get to farming the cars. You only need ten, and you can achieve this quickly as long as you aim for the orange target that appears to deal double damage. Though there are plenty of other places that have a large number of cars in a small vicinity. Here are the best locations to get this challenge done quick.

Skydive through floating Rings

When you proceed to jump out of the battle bus at the beginning of the game, you’ll see a large assortment of rings in the sky. For this challenge, you’ll need to fly through a total of 20 of them. Based on the angle you’re dropping and the speed you’re falling, it’s possible to get a total of four rings each drop. This means that as long as you get four rings each drop, you’ll need to drop in five different games to complete the challenge. Once again, another challenge which is cake.

Stage 1: Consume 5 apples

Another staged quest, this time pertaining to various healing items. Stage 1 asks players to consume 5 apples. Unlike mushrooms, apples have become considerably harder to find. There are still two for sure locations that apples will spawn each game. The first area is just west of Risky Reels underneath the trees in the area. There should be between 4 – 6 apples available, so you have the possibility of completing the challenge right here. Build a ramp at least 5 stairs high and jump off. Simply walk up and hold X to consume each apple. After consuming 5 apples, the challenge will then be completed. Finish the match to earn the next stage. If there aren’t enough apples here and you need more, head to Tomato Temple and through the tunnel. When you come out the other end, check near the trees in this area and you should find plenty more apples.

Stage 2: Heal 60 health with bandages

Such a simple task. How is this even considered a challenge? Playing the game as normal and healing 60 HP with bandages as normal will finish this challenge, though alternatively, you can throw yourself from a moderately high height to damage yourself (Down to 15 HP or less), and then use the bandages to heal yourself back to 75 health. Challenge complete. Finish the match to unlock stage three.

Stage 3: Heal 100 health with medkits

Now you’ll need to use medkits to heal a total of 100 health. Obviously, you can’t jump off a ramp to 0 hp because, well you’ll die. What you’ll want to do here is drop off a ramp, damaging yourself down to 50 HP or below, and then using a medkit. Once the medkit finishes, simply repeat the process again, and you’ll have completed the challenge. As stated, these challenges are something players do almost every game, so playing normal will earn this challenge as well.

Stage 4: Heal 50 health with slurp juices

The final stage of the challenge. Find a slurp juice and heal 50 health after consuming it. The slurp juice is healing over time instead of one lump sum of health, so this will take a minute or so to give you the 50 health. You’ll want to make sure you’re at 50 hp or below before consuming the slurp juice, as gaining shields from a slurp juice will not count towards this challenge. Once 50 health has been restored the challenge will complete. Finish the match to secure the completion.

Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park

The final challenge of week seven asks you to eliminate three total opponents in Pleasant Park. The good thing about Pleasant Park is there are plenty of houses to land at to arm yourself. The challenge is accumulative so you don’t need to worry about eliminating three in one life. The one place you’ll definitely NOT want to land at is the northern-most center house. There is only one chest in this house, and most times it never spawns. The house itself never offers any good floor loot, so it’s best to just avoid this house like the plague. Here is a map of all the chest locations.

  1. In the garage of the modern house to the southwest.
  2. Above the garage of the eastern house.
  3. In the storm cellar of the eastern house.
  4. In the attic of the northeast house.
  5. In the doghouse outside
  6. In the attic of the northern house.
  7. Above the garage of the northwestern house.
  8. In the attic of the northwestern house.
  9. In the attic of the middle western house.
  10. Above the garage of the lower western house.
  11. In the attic of the lower western house.
  12. Under the ceiling of the lower roof of the southwest house. (the one with the tree collapsed on top).
  13. Under the ceiling of the higher roof of the southwest house.

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