Today, Fortnite sees the release of its first patch since the release of season six and this may very well be one of the smallest patches yet.  Today’s patch adds in one new trap. This trap will be the first addition to season six after the whopping removal of four different weapons and the bouncer trap in the last patch. Additional settings have also been added to the Playground Limited-time mode. Finally, a few bugs that were introduced during patch v6.0 have been squashed. Here are the few interesting highlights of patch v6.01 of Fortnite.

Playground Custom Options

Players will now find they have the ability to set a few custom options before jumping into a match of Fortnite. Various settings such as the time of day the match begins at, player’s starting health, and even the amount of gravity can be changed. There are currently seven settings available to help customize the match. Sadly, turning off the one-hour time constraint is not one of them.

New Trap: Chiller

Similar to the spike trap, the chiller comes in common rarity so it will be easier to come across than other traps. It can be placed on walls, floors, and ceilings and comes in a stack of three from everywhere loot can be acquired. The trap will apply an icy effect to both friends and foes feet, causing a sliding effect.

Bug Fixes

  • Pets will now be hidden from view when the camera is too close to you.
  • Toys will now adhere to the rules of streamer mode when displaying player names.
  • An issue that caused an editing sound to play when a teammate was eliminated has been fixed.
  • Star ratings for trap items have been added.

Tomorrow will see the release of the week two challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale. It will be interesting to see if the challenges follow suit with the first week, or if they progress back to the boring challenges we’ve seen for many of the past seasons. All we can do is wait and see. A full list of today’s patch notes, including those for the Save the World mode can be found here.

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