Welcome to week five of Fortnite Battle Royale’s sixth season. This week sees the return of some challenges from season five, along with adding in a new unique challenge for players to achieve. This week’s challenges will still have players dealing damage with specific weapons, as well as eliminating opponents with them as well. The hardest part of this week will be finding the specific weapons needed for each of the challenges presented. That being said, if you have trouble getting the eliminations needed with some of these weapons, it’s highly recommended that you try the Disco Domination game mode. Not only will you respawn if you are eliminated, but you keep your inventory of weapons as well. Here are your challenges for week five of season six.

Record a speed of 27 or more on different Radar Signs

The first challenge for week five asks players to drive through different Radar Signs throughout the map. Chances are you’ve seen these before, as they started appearing near Paradise Palms last season. Running or driving past one of these signs will display a speed. There are two different methods for completing this challenge. You’ll know you’ve achieved the correct speed as you’ll hear a police siren and the challenge will add progression. You can complete more than one of these Radar Signs in a match, so you’ll want to continuously drive to the next location. The map below will show the locations of every Radar Sign.

Quadcrasher – The Quadcrasher is the new ATV that seats two people. It can be found in various spots throughout the map. Using this vehicle is the simplest way to hit a speed of 27. Simply drive towards the Radar Sign, hit the boost (LB) and you’ll speed through. Be sure you hear the police siren and the challenge progresses.

ATK – The ATK is the golf cart style vehicle that seats four people. This can be a little bit more of a challenge to completing the Radar Signs but is still achievable. What you’ll want to do here is use the drift (LB) to drive in a circle near the Radar Sign, once the boost turns yellow or red in color, make sure you are lined up and let go of the button. The boost will carry you through past the Radar Sign and complete that particular location. Be sure you hear the police siren and the challenge progresses.

Note: The Shopping Cart is NOT an ideal choice for completing this challenge as it will require you to build a ramp to gain the proper momentum needed.

Jump through flaming hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK 

This is a challenge that we’ve seen time and time again. You first find your vehicle of choice, then simply drive up a ramp and through a hoop. These challenges used to be a lot more aggravating as some hoops wouldn’t have a ramp nearby, requiring players to build-up. Most of the flaming hoops now have their own ramp, and players can still build their own ramp if they find difficulty in using the pre-set one. The challenge specifically says Shopping Cart or ATK, however, players can use the new Quadcrasher with its easy-to-use boost mechanic to easily complete this challenge. Here are all the locations of flaming hoops for season six.

Deal Damage with Tactical Shotguns to Opponents

The first of two stage challenges tasks the player with dealing damage with a variety of different shotguns. The first shotgun you’ll need to get your hands on is the all but famous Tactical Shotgun. This thing can be found just about anywhere and is available in common, uncommon, and rare variants. It doesn’t matter which variant you use, simply deal 200 damage to opponents with a Tactical Shotgun, and you’ll have completed this stage of the challenge. Here is the beauty you are looking for.

Deal Damage with Pump Shotguns to Opponents

The other most common shotgun to use is the Pump Shotgun and the second stage of this challenge. The Pump, just like the Tactical, can be found just about anywhere. This weapon also comes in common, uncommon, and rare variants. Simply deal 200 damage with a pump shotgun to one or more opponents and you’ll finish this stage of the challenge. Here’s what to keep a look out for.

Deal Damage with Heavy Shotguns to Opponents

The third and final stage of this challenge asks players to deal 200 damage with Heavy Shotguns. This specific shotgun only comes in Epic and Legendary variants and can be a little harder to find. There is a possibility you can find this weapon by opening a chest, but your chances are much higher if you open Supply Drops or look in Epic or Legendary vending machines. Once you have the weapon in hand, simply deal 200 damage to opponents, and this will finish the challenge completely. Here’s what to look for.

Eliminate an opponent from closer than 5m away

This challenge is easiest at the beginning of a match, and most likely with a shotgun. We get it though, floor drops don’t always play to your favor. If you happen upon a Submachine Gun, be sure to aim for the head for maximum damage at close range. Trying to complete this challenge with an Assault Rifle is doable but can be difficult unless you have a blue rarity or higher. The best way to finish this challenge would be to grab a weapon before an opponent in the same room and eliminate them as they’re next to you. You’ll need to eliminate two enemies from closer than 5m to complete the challenge. There really is no need to try for this challenge, as it will come naturally while completing all the other challenges this week has to offer.

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents

There are only two Submachine Guns left in the game, and both will work for completing this challenge. The Compact SMG is obviously the better choice as it has reduced recoil and faster fire rate, but using a basic Submachine Gun can easily deal the 500 damage required to complete the challenge. The better bit of advice for completing this challenge is to pepper the trigger, don’t hold it. Once you achieve 500 damage to opponents you’ll complete the challenge.

Minigun Eliminations

This will possibly be the hardest challenge of week five. The Minigun spawn rate from chests is high, but the weapon doesn’t appear near as much as you’d want it to. Consider opening 62 chests total before finding this weapon. There is also the option of searching Supply Drops as well which have a much higher drop rate chance for a Minigun. Once you get the Minigun in hand, you’ll need to eliminate two enemies with it to complete the challenge. It’s HIGHLY recommended that you down an opponent first then finish them with the Minigun. The reasoning for this is the Minigun takes a bit to spin up, and opponents can flank you easily as you’re mowing down their teammate.

Deal damage with Standard Pistols to opponents

The final challenge for week five is another stage challenge. The first stage asks you to deal damage to opponents with the Standard Pistol. What this means is you’re going to want the item that’s simply called “Pistol.” Using a Suppressed Pistol will not count. Nor will a Hand Cannon, Dual Pistols, or the new Six Shooter. This weapon comes in common, uncommon, and rare varieties so you should find it quite frequently. Simply deal 200 damage with this pistol to opponents, and you’ll complete this stage of the challenge.

Note: Finding this weapon in Disco Domination is either impossible or just very rare. It’s best to stick to a base mode (Solos, Duos, Squads) if you wish to find and complete this stage.

Deal damage with Hand Cannons to opponents

Stage two asks players to deal 200 damage with Hand Cannons to opponents. For those who may not be aware, the Hand Cannon is simply Fortnite’s version of the Desert Eagle. The weapon uses heavy ammo and packs a punch. Dealing 200 damage with this weapon will come quick, as one shot is 50+ damage depending on where you hit your opponent. If you have trouble locating the item, be sure to check chests and vending machines of Epic and Legendary rarities.

Deal damage with Suppressed Pistols to opponents

The third and final stage of this challenge asks players to deal 200 damage with Suppressed Pistols. This challenge is a LOT easier when you consider that the Suppressed Pistol now comes in a rare variant. The pistol is very quiet and can snipe opponents rather well from a distance for 30 – 40 damage. If you want to take the more direct approach, Shooting an opponent up close in the head with this weapon will do anywhere from 40 – 50 damage depending on the rarity. Simply deal out 200 damage and the challenge is yours.

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