It’s Thursday which means week two challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale have finally been released. This week follows in-line with last week by adding challenges with a number of stages. Unlike many previous weeks, this week does not ask players to search chests in any of the locations. Instead, many of the challenges ask players to deal a certain amount of damage with specific weapons. It would even be safe to say that 80% of the challenges this week are themed strictly around dealing damage and eliminations. It’s time to delve deeper into the week two challenges and shoot towards completion.

Visit all of the Corrupted Areas

If you aren’t at all familiar with the events that led up to the start of season six, it can lead to some confusion on exactly where the corrupted areas of the map are. In season six there exist seven runes imprinted in the ground all around the map. These runes can be seen on the map overview within purplish areas. For this challenge, players simply need to head to these seven locations. As soon as you walk into the corrupted area, your progress will go up by one. The challenge is accumulative, so all seven locations do not need to be visited in one match, though it is possible to do so. Here is the season six map along with the locations of all seven corrupted areas.

Use a Shadow Stone in different matches

Shadow stones are the new consumable of season six. These cubes can be found inside the seven different corrupted areas and when consumed turn the player into a shadow form allowing them to move faster, negate all damage, and phase through walls. The effect lasts 45 seconds and then expires. For this challenge, players simply need to head to a corrupted area and consume one of the floating shadow stones. Players need to consume three total but in different matches. This challenge can be completed easily while visiting each corrupted area, killing two birds with one stone essentially.

Stage 1: Deal damage with standard Assault Rifles to opponents

The first of many staged damage challenges this week revolves around Assault Rifles. The first stage tasks players with dealing 200 damage with standard Assault Rifles. It can be a little confusing what exactly the challenge means by the term standard but put simply players are going to want to look for an unsilenced fully automatic Assault Rifle such as the M4 or the SCAR. The challenge doesn’t add up damage totals till either the player is eliminated or the match ends, simply using one of these weapons and shooting enemies will get you the 200 damage required in no time at all. Here are the two weapons to keep an eye out for.

Stage 2: Deal damage with Burst Assault Rifles to opponents

Stage two asks players to deal damage with Burst Assault Rifles. For this stage of the challenge, you want to be on the lookout for the gun that looks similar to the Galil, while the epic and legendary forms of this weapon look similar to a FAMAS. Simply deal damage to opponents with either of these two weapons, and you’ll be on your way to stage three. I can take roughly two to three kills total. Here are the burst weapons you’re looking for.

Stage 3: Deal damage with Silenced Assault Rifles to opponents

Last but not least, stage three. For this stage, there is only one weapon you can use to deal the damage required to complete the challenge, and that is the Silenced Assault Rifle. Quite simply this weapon is a SCAR With a silencer on the barrel. It comes in both epic and legendary rarities and appears more often than one would think. The Silenced Assault Rifle is similar to the unsilenced versions in terms of damage. The difference lies in the accuracy of the weapon. Holding down the trigger while using this weapon is a bad idea. Short bursts are key, and using this weapon at a medium to long range is where its efficiency shines the most. Simply deal 200 damage to opponents while wielding this weapon and the challenge is yours. Here is the weapon to keep an eye out for.

Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away

There is a small possibility you may accidentally unlock this challenge while trying for one of the various other damage challenges. If not, using a sniper rifle is the most effective way to achieve this challenge. A bolt-action sniper rifle deals lethal damage with a headshot, and peppering enemies with an Assault Rifle from a distance is also effective. There’s no way to truly measure the distance you are from an opponent; it’s simply trial and error. The most effective way to get this challenge quick and easily is in Soaring 50’s since loot of the rare quality and above is easier to come by, and chances are you’ll always find a player standing still.

Deal damage with Pistols to opponents

This challenge can be quite annoying if you’re trying to actually eliminate an opponent in solo with a pistol, or down an opponent in duos and squads. Thankfully, this is the challenge where you’ll want to down an opponent with another weapon, and then finish them with a pistol. It will take a few eliminations to get the 500 damage required, but it’s a lot easier to eliminate a defenseless opponent than to try taking out someone who’s weapon deals a lot more damage at a lot farther range than you. Here are the weapons to keep a look out for.

SMG Eliminations

This week’s actual elimination challenge asks you to eliminate three opponents with Submachine Guns. Thankfully the Submachine Guns of today aren’t as underpowered as the ones long ago. Simply pick up a Submachine Gun and work towards eliminating three opponents. The P90 style epic and legendary equivalents deal the most damage at the highest fire rate, so these are the most effective, though the basic Submachine Gun still deals a decent amount of damage at a modest fire rate. Downing an opponent with another gun and finishing them with an SMG is also a possible method of elimination. Here are the weapons you’ll want in your hands.

Stage 1: Deal damage with Hunting Rifles to opponents

The hunting rifle is a Sniper Rifle without a scope that looks similar to the Kar98 from World War II. There is a chance that you’ll come across this weapon more times than any while seeking out an actual Sniper Rifle. You’re only focusing on damage for these challenges, so body shots are key. This is the type of weapon where its fun to try and legitimately eliminate opponents instead of just finishing a downed enemy with the weapon.

Stage 2: Deal damage with Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles to opponents

The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle heads the second stage of this challenge. Thankfully the weapon deals a bit more damage than the Hunting Rifle. This stage is also fun to try and challenge yourself to complete normally, but there’s no harm in having to down an opponent first.  It does take a few moments after making a shot to load another shot, but its fast. The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle performs best when shooting an opponent in the chest or above.

Stage 3: Deal damage with Heavy Sniper Rifles to opponents

Get ready to deal damage with possibly the best sniper rifle in the game (depending on who you ask). It looks similar to a Barrett .50 Calibur Sniper Rifle, and it comes in epic to legendary rarities. This sniper is powerful enough to destroy any wall in one shot. The damage dealt against players is also great. The underlying issue with this sniper is how long it takes to reload. If you have any issue finding this weapon in chests or as floor loot, be sure to check vending machines. A good percentage of the time this weapon lies in wait. If you’re not effective with snipers, consider downing a player and finishing them with this bad boy. The greatest aspect of the Heavy Sniper Rifle is that it can go a further distance before bullet drop takes effect, so you’ll want to aim directly at your opponent for most shots.

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