Week six brings with it three unique challenges alongside challenges you may or may not have seen already in a previous season. This week’s challenges are not easy nor hard. A few may require a bit of time to complete based on your luck when gathering loot, as well as your overall skill level for a few of the other challenges. Fortnite Battle Royale players are one week away from unlocking the mysterious hunting party character for completing seven weeks of challenges. Here are your challenges for week six of season six.

Place Chillers in different matches

For the first challenge this week, you’ll be required to place one chiller trap in different matches. There are a total of three required to finish the challenge. So, unfortunately, you’ll need to complete three different matches to finish the challenge out. The chiller is a trap that can be found pretty much anywhere loot can be found. Supply drops and supply llamas are their most common spawns, but they do appear as floor loot and inside chests as well. Common (grey) vending machines also may hold these, available for purchase at the cost of 75 of a certain material. Here is specifically what you’re looking for.

Search a Chest in different Named Locations

The easiest challenge this week. Head to seven different named locations and open one chest at each location. Chances are you’ll get this while attempting to complete every other challenge this week. Chests are most commonly found in the attic or basement of most houses, above garages, and can be hidden pretty well behind random walls in places like Tilted Towers. Keep an ear out for the distinct sound they make.

Shotgun Eliminations

Pretty standard run-of-the-mill challenge. Pick up a shotgun and eliminate three enemies. Chances are you do this on a regular day-to-day basis without a challenge asking you to do so. Given how inconsistent shotguns are lately, if you wish to down an opponent in Duos/Squads with another weapon and finish them with a shotgun, that would also be an effective strategy. As opposed to going gung-ho strictly with a shotgun and potentially dealing nine damage and getting eliminated shortly after. Here are the weapons to keep a lookout for.

Stage x: Land at [Location Name]

Yet another challenge tasking you to land at various locations. This challenge is staged, therefore after you complete a stage, you’ll need to finish the match before another stage becomes available. Simply head to these locations, fly in with your glider and land at the location to add progress to the meter. Finish the match and do it again at the next location. You’ll need to land at Shifty Shafts, Risky Reels, Retail Row, Haunted Hills, and finally Leaky Lake, in that order.

Note: If you don’t land at a location at the start of the match, don’t worry. As long as you’re able to fly into the location with your glider after using a launchpad, balloons, or the glider redeploy, you’ll be fine.

Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents

The standard challenge to deal damage with your pickaxe to opponents. As always there are two ways that this challenge can be completed. The quick way, and then the normal way.

Quick Way: Down an opponent in a Duos/Squads match with any weapon and proceed to finish them with your pickaxe. This will reward you 100 damage per downed opponent, requiring you to down three total opponents and finish them with your pickaxe. (This is assuming you get all 100 damage on the downed opponent.)

Normal Way: Head to a popular location and land on a building next to another opponent. As they are trying to break into the roof of a house through a wall, simply start attacking them with your pickaxe. If you’re playing solos, you’ll eliminate the opponent after dealing 100 damage to them. This will take three opponents to complete. if you’re playing Duos/Squads, dealing 100 damage to your opponent will then down them, allowing you to get an additional 100 damage with your pickaxe. This will take one to two opponents total to complete.

Stage 1: Find the sheet music at Pleasant Park

For one of the more unique challenges introduced in week six, players are required to find sheet music in a location, and then play a giant floor piano nearby to progress the challenge. This challenge is in stages, so as you may have guessed, you’ll be required to finish a match after completing a stage to unlock the next stage. The sheet music for Pleasant Park is located in the center house in the northernmost part of the town. The sheet will be on the second floor. Simply collect it, and the challenge will progress. Now finish the match and you’re ready for stage two where you’ll need to head to the nearby piano to play the notes.

STAGE 2: Play the sheet music at the piano near Pleasant Park

When you start your next match, you’ll need to head to the piano on the hill to the left of Pleasant Park and play the notes in the order they appear on the sheet. The sheet is displayed behind the piano for your convenience. The solution for this piano is pretty basic. You’ll only want to jump on the white keys here. Jump on each key in the order of the lettering on the music sheet. After doing so the piano will replay the notes and you’ll be given progress on the challenge. Complete the match to access the next stage.

Stage 3: Find the sheet music in Retail Row

Stage three requires us to head to Retail Row and find the music sheet in this area. The music sheet can be found in the library store, which is in between the sports bar and the Halloween store. The music sheet can be found on the first floor. If you enter in through the front of the shop, it will be to your immediate left in-between the door and the windows. Collect the music sheet and finish the match to progress to the final stage of this challenge.

Stage 4: Play the sheet music at the piano near Retail Row

In the final stage of the challenge, you’ll need to head to the piano nearby Retail Row, which can be found on the hill just east of the Corrupted Area. This piano is a lot larger and playing the correct notes can be a little more confusing. This time there’s high notes and low notes. You’ll want to start at the far right of the piano at the rightmost A and working across the piano, paying attention to the location of the notes on the sheet. Once you input the correct notes, the piano will play them back automatically, and you’ll be awarded progress. Finish the match to complete the challenge.

Stage x: Elimination with [rarity] weapon.

The final challenge of week six tasks players with getting an elimination with different rarities of weapons. There are five total rarities starting with common weapons and moving all the way up to legendary. This challenge is separated into five stages meaning once you complete a stage, you’ll be required to finish the match before the next stage of the challenge will be available. Here is a color table of the weapons as well as the stage they are used in for the challenge.

We’re midway through season six of Fortnite. Be sure you’re ready for unlocking the secret “hunting party” character next Thursday. We have guides for every week of season six in our Fortnite Challenges Guide Hub

Fortnitemares ends on Sunday, November 4th, 2018, be sure to finish your challenges beforehand. We have guides for each part of the event’s challenges.

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