In Fez there are three major codes to decipher, mysterious stones, wandering rodents, and things that are generally perplexing. Each and every one of those puzzles (read, each and every one) is solved throughout our guide. However we know some of you have beaten Fez and are only missing some key things. As such, if you have no interest in following the guide and learning the layout, we have pictures for all the biggest and most perplexing puzzles. We’ll provide some information context for you as well if the picture doesn’t have any, but this should be your shortcut to getting 200/200g in Fez.

We should note that this place is crazy full of spoilers. It’s all spoilers. All answers, no questions. Incoming…

The Three Codes

Shift Cipher / Tetris Codes

Numeric System


The 3D Stones


Top of the tree area

One area above it (in the observatory/space area)

The other one just past the giant space throne in the observatory/space area

The owls

The top left one is in the observatory/space area next to the big squid monument –
The top right one is at the entrance to the waterfall area
The bottom left one is at the very top of the tree area near the mausoleum/creepy graveyard
The bottom right one is at the top of the industrial zone next to the windmill

The Red Cubes

The telescope cube

*don’t do this while looking through the telescope

The black monolith

*after the black monolith appears, use first person to put yourself on the symbol opposite the blank square, THEN put in the second code

The riddle

*by vertically, we mean imagine if you took the right-to-left horizontal blocks and stood them up so they read like normal Fez words – thus, if you lay them down, they must be rotated clockwise 90*

The Artifacts

The writing cube is in the room above the waterfall.

The counting cube is in the observatory/space area with a diorama of earth

The tome is in the museum area behind a book shelf and through the globe doors

The skull artifact is in the mausoleum/creepy graveyard place

That’s it for now, if we notice common requests we’ll add them here, but do remember we have a guide for the entire game. The answers are all in there. So is the 200g.

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