Fez Complete Cube Guide
12 years ago

Fez Complete Cube Guide

Welcome to our gigantic Fez completion guide! This guide will take you from no achievements to 12, zero g to 200g and we’ll take you there… delicately. Thanks to community member MRX93 for helping us ever so slightly here and there. Without further ado… we have to explain some things.

[Editors Note: We highly recommend not using this guide until you can’t go any further on your own. Fez is about exploring and getting lost. Polytron put it best when they said “play like the internet doesn’t exist”. That being said, we know many people will become frustrated and want help. This guide is written for them.  Please use  it only as an emergency cheat-sheet.]

There are two ways to complete Fez. Complete it like you’re playing it, and to complete it for the sake of completion. We here at XBLA Fans are aware of this and have set up our guide in accordance with the different types of Fez players.

We have taken great care to separate anything and everything that would be considered a spoiler. Our policy follows that any puzzle that requires knowledge acquired outside of the area to which the puzzle belongs (barring basic knowledge and specific sections) will be posted in the SPOILER ZONE. Each area has one, and each zone is marked very clearly in text and with pictures. Each picture hints at what the spoiler covers. Once you’re done with many areas and have accrued much knowledge you’ll want to come back and check each spoiler tag to see if you can now complete that puzzle. Read More

Fez Cube Guide – The Village

This area will serve as an introduction to the rest of the guide. You’ll note you probably don’t need the myriad pictures and instructions for this easy of an area, …
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Fez Cube Guide – Main Hub

Let’s be clear about something: the Central Hub and the Main Hub are two different places. The bulk of Fez occurs in on gigantic area which can be accessed for …
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Fez Cube Guide – Main Hub – Waterfall Area

Welcome to the Waterfall area! This area of Fez is a big deal, not just because it’s pretty, but because there are tons of secrets locked away here. …
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Fez Cube Guide – Main Hub – Lighthouse

Something about the Lighthouse is tricky, though really it shouldn’t be. Let’s grab all the bits we can before going inside, then let’s find the rest!

Treasure Map – At …
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Fez Cube Guide – Main Hub – Bell Tower Area

Ahh, the Bell Tower, what wondrous mysteries are stored here! Let’s find out. In the actual Bell Tower area, there really isn’t much to do. There’s some bits, grab those, but then …
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Fez Cube Guide – Main Hub – Ruins Area

Welcome to the Ruins, called as such because there’s really no other distinguishing feature about them. Oh well. Let’s have at them, shall we?

First off, let’s go climb …
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Fez Cube Guide – Central Hub – 4, 8 and 16 Cube Doors (Zunu and Zu)

Fez isn’t all puzzles, jumping and shifting. There are things to be learned, tales to be told and doors to be opened. If you’re here at the Central Hub, then …
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Fez Cube Guide – Industrial Area

The Industrial Area, with its brick and neon color palette, metal pipes, railings and supports and shifting platforms, is finally ours to explore and conquer! To start, let’s get …
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Fez Cube Guide – Mausoleum Area

DUN DUN DUNNN… dramatic. The Mausoleum Area is so-named because it’s, y’know, cryptic. Ahem. Moving on, let’s observe even just the entrance to this place! The trick here is …
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