Something about the Lighthouse is tricky, though really it shouldn’t be. Let’s grab all the bits we can before going inside, then let’s find the rest!

Treasure Map – At the base of the lighthouse is a locked door. Bust out a key and enter to find the chest sitting there waiting for you! There’s more to do in this room, though, so let’s continue.

To get to the top of the lighthouse, you’ll need to proceed through the door in the Treasure Map room. Rotate 180* to find the door, head up through the rotating ladders and enter the door at the top there.

The ladders are a pretty simple trick, but if they’re giving you trouble, the idea is to get on one, then climb up when they align. Get off at the top. Simple as that.

Collect that last bit up there above the Lighthouse then jump off to the right to find the door leading to the Industrial Zone. Sounds intense, right? Well it is.

Neat, the journey to a new area is always fun.

The first puzzle here involves these nifty rotating dimensional boxes. The box faces one way and acts as a 180* flip portal. We’ve seen them before in walls, but now it’s on a swivel! Intense.

Rotate the room 90* to the right, then climb over the top via the vines and hang over the side of the porta-door room. Then, switch 90* back to the left and walk through the door! Magic sure is magical.

Once we’re done there, climb up through the next porta-door room and go through the door in the water tower.

Once inside, to make your way up to the top and get that bit you’ll have to do some rotations. Line up the tower’s ladder so you can make it to the top and you’ll be done here.

Sort of. There’s a reason to come back, but it’ll be in the SPOILER ZONE once you’ve found the map you need. If you have the treasure map that looks like this place, well… that’s because it is for this place!

When you’re done here, go through the door and click on over to the Industrial Area.

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!! – SPOILER ZONE – !!

Anti-Cube – Match up the major platform with the treasure map. To do this, simply face the Teleporter Door (the one with the two squares on it) and have the lower, extended platform jutting out to the left. Then, jump to the invisible platforms as indicated on the treasure map to claim your chest at the top of it all.

Like every other area attached to the Main Hub, once you lower the water level you’ve got a new door to open and solve puzzles within. Head below the main platform for a new puzzle to solve!

Rumble Anti-Cube – Make sure the rumble on your controller is on. Whenever you see that huge tuning fork, it means they’re sending code through your controller. Match left and right vibrations to find the code. Here’s what we put in:


Once you’re done here, head on back to the Lighthouse.

There’s another anti-cube to be found in a door revealed by the water level dropping. Back in Climb 1, we can investigate a door there, but we’re not sure what the purpose of that would be. Doesn’t seem to have any relevance, so don’t worry about it.

Next up is something that’s probably been bugging you for a while, and that’s that strange colored pillar out there on that island by itself. Well, time to find a solution for it.

3D Anti-Cube – That pillar is a 3D stone! That means it’s time to use your New Game + given powers to view the world in first-person. Stand on the pillar then look down at the dock for a Shift Cipher. You’ll probably have to get up close to it to see it better. If you haven’t figured that code out yet, there’s nothing you can do here, but if you have, the solution is just below this so you’d best get out of the SPOILER ZONE if you haven’t already. As we said before, the NG+ powers are useless without the Shift Cipher.

You’ll not the code is viewed from the perspective of the 3D stone, if you ever move around, as being vertical. As such, here’s the code:

Up, Shift Left, Shift Right, Up, Shift Left, Up, Shift Right, Up

Sweet, sweet end-game anti-cube candy. Note that you can’t do these while in first person view.

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