Let’s be clear about something: the Central Hub and the Main Hub are two different places. The bulk of Fez occurs in on gigantic area which can be accessed for free through a door at the top of the Central Hub. The Central Hub has doors requiring 4, 8 and 16 cubes to enter. The Main Hub is the area that is accessed through the the open door at the top of this area.  When you arrive here at the Central Hub Dot will tell you a whole bunch of nifty things. Note that you can’t afford to enter any of the doors that are pointed out to you. They don’t matter right now. Make your way to the area above you and enter the door there, and… welcome to the Main Hub. The world is yours to solve! There are puzzles to solve here and we’ll get to that shortly, however as stated before, the whole game branches out from here (for the most part). There are four directions you can go in, and each have their own sub-area guide. These ares are…

– The Lighthouse

– The Bell Tower

– The Waterfall

– The Ruins

Beyond some of those areas are even BIGGER areas, which we’ll refer to as Major Areas. Those areas also get their own guide pages. We played the game one way, but you may play another, so know that most anything in any area which requires something to be done in another area will be under the SPOILER ZONE cutoff. There is no real, ideal way to go from the Main Hub, so explore as you please!

That said, there’s exploring to be done right here, in fact. There are plenty of bits around, so collect all those. Again, since everyone goes in different directions, we’re no longer going to include cubes acquired by bits.

Moving on, there’s only three areas we consider to be still inside the Main Hub area, and those are found through the door above the warp gate. If you’re sticking around on this page (or have come back to it) head on up. There’s a lot to find up there.

Here we have some very minuscule bits. Collect ’em all, then head up again to the place that really matters: Tree 2.

There are three ways to go here. Two of them are very important, so remember this location. However, before we get into that, there are things to accomplish here! Chiefly, there’s an owl!!

Owl – There’s a tree right next to the cabin where the owl lands. Hop onto the bounce-shroom, then use it to land on top of the cabin and make your way to the owl.

Moving on, the last piece of Main Hub material is on that lonely door under the white pillar that Dot can’t seem to identify. We’ll come back to this pillar later, for now, check that door! You should have a key to spare to unlock the door.

Treasure Map – This place is a fun, traditional platforming style test. Jump on platforms and rotate as quick as you can before they crumble to pieces. Simple, yes? So get to it. The treasure map is at the top.

Once you’re done here, head on back to Tree 2.

From here you can either continue up to the Observatory, or you can head through the cabin to the Mausoleum. Exploration mode, activate!

To Mausoleum
To Observatory

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The next bit requires New Game +, so if you don’t have it, go ahead and back up. If you do though, what must do here is probably obvious to you.

3D Anti-Cube – It’s a 3D stone puzzle! This one is just as easy as the others. Jump on the pillar then look towards the small platform closest to you. Here’s the code:

Right, Shift Right, Left, Shift Left, Left, Up, Down, Jump

Easy rewards for beating the game are always nice.

It’s finally time for the Black Monolith puzzle. While we’d love to say we’d figured this out, we didn’t. We’re not sure how the code is supposed to be solved, but the community at large of Fez enthusiasts managed to brute force the code. Several threads across the internet are rooted in this solution, so we give them all credit, we’re just posting the answer here for all to see.

Hop in the door that’s below the Main Hub platform after the water is lowered.

Red Cube – The first half of this puzzle we did indeed solve. You’ll need the treasure map fragment with the red markings on it. It’s two sided, one side indicated what to look for, and the other side indicating what to do and where.

First, make your way onto the platform. Enter first person mode to see the huge infinity symbol. On one end there’s an empty square, and on the other end there’s a different symbol. Stand on the empty square.

As indicated by the flip side of the map, there’s a Shift Cipher to enter here. Here’s the code:

Up, Shift Right, Up, Jump, Down, Shift Left, Up, Down

After entering that code a massive black rectangular prism will show up, hence the whole “black monolith” name. Go back into first person mode and make your way over to the opposite symbol.

This is the part found by the community. This code was brute forced by most, but it’s very, very likely that there’s a way to find the code within the game and we just have no idea. When we know, we’ll let you know, but for now, here’s the code to enter while standing on that symbol:

Down, Down, Shift Left, Shift Right, Shift Right, Jump, Up

Once you do, the red cube will show up and it’s yours to have forever and ever.

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