Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve spent quite a bit of time on news, but we did! Yay us. Or rather, yay you, because you get to enjoy the tagential and more than a few times irate banter that John L, Andrew and I share on this episode as we discuss the Xbox 360’s superiority and how Xbox Live Arcade still has some popular genres and mechanics left untouched.

We also discuss the mysterious absence of Dungeon Defenders and the mysterious still-in-the-works of Sonic 4: Episode 2. Beyond that, with Counter Strike and Gotham City Imposters representing the first person shooter genre on the XBLA, we wonder if either will work out.

After the news Andrew and John go on and on about how great Toy Soldiers: Cold War is and I nod all the way through. I tell a whimsical From Dust story which may be just slightly spoilery if you haven’t finished the game yet. It’s more of a gameplay spoiler than a story spoiler, though arguably the two are pretty close in that game. Regardless, to top it all off we have a wonderful Twitter topic which gets us angry at games (again), but will we want to punch babies this episode? Find out!



Hosted by:

John Laster (@cain141)

Andrew Crews (@twixprintmatic)

Special guest:

Todd Schlickbernd (@Emessai)

Produced & edited by:

Todd Schlickbernd (@Emessai)

News discussed:
Counter-Strike returns with a Global Offensive in 2012

Creators of Just Cause “definitely” making more downloadable titles

Xbox 360 top-selling console for past 7 months

Make an Impostor of your very own

Get your hands on Trials Evolution at PAX

Sonic 4 Episode 2 information “soon”

Dungeon Defenders finally passed Microsoft’s certification