For seven consecutive months, the Xbox 360 has been the top-selling console, moving more units than any other console in the United States. Even in its sixth year on the market, it is still reaching some impressive sales feats. Here are some of the highlights, as of July 2011:

  • Xbox 360, as a console, sold the most units in 13 of the past 14 months
  • Currently holds 45% of the current generation market, marking the fifth month it held over 40%
  • Last month, 277,000 units were sold and $250 million was spent on the platform, including software, accessories, ect.
  • Appeal for Kinect seems to be growing; Kinect Fun Labs gathered one million downloads in two months and the portfolio of Kinect games will be tripled by the end of the year

If the trends continue through the holiday season, the Xbox 360 will end the year as the number one console worldwide. Six years and still going strong. Will Microsoft ever need to launch a new console?

Source: The Official Microsoft Blog