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Another week of Xbox Live Arcade is in the books. This one’s been all over the map, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of a service that brings us all together. With so much happening on this platform of ours, it’s easy to lose sight of just how good we have it. If it weren’t for Xbox Live, none of us would be here, so XBLA Fans wants to know, what’s your favorite memory from the past ten years of Xbox Live gaming? Let us know in the comments and Happy Birthday, Xbox Live!

Now then, let’s get started:


  • Peter Molyneux chimes in on Microsoft’s shot at the multi-screen media experience, SmartGlass, and why he’s not entirely sold just yet.
  • You’re going to have to wait a bit longer to stake legions of the blood-sucking undead. The vampire hunting, hack-and-slasher Blood Knights has been delayed until December due to legal negotiations.
  • The PC platform was the unconditional favorite this week, when we asked, “What other platforms do you play?” in our weekly Straw Poll Wednesday. The PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii and the ubiquitous iPhone rounded out the top slots.
  • Two new XBLA titles hit the marketplace this week, in addition to some downloadable content. Warlords, a new twist on the classic Atari title, has you fending off fireballs for 800 MSP. Check out the launch trailer for a closer look. Meanwhile, Planets Under Attack offers tactical strategy gameplay for the budding space conqueror in all of us.
  • Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead has carried its fair share of heartbreak, but worse still, Episode 5 – No Time Left, is set to cap off the excellent season on November 21. Fortunately for us, the dead will walk again.
  • The October Xbox Live Arcade Sales Analysis puts the fantastic multiplayer battler Happy Wars out in front with the better part of a million downloads. The rest of the line-up didn’t fair so well, with Sonic Adventure 2 taking a distant second, followed by a number of titles trickling in with anemic figures.
  • Xbox Live is celebrating 10 years of entertainment by slashing prices on some of the most popular titles until November 22. Castle Crashers, Bastion and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved made the cut, so hit the link to check out the entire list of deals. There’s some great stuff in there!
  • Retro City Rampage is complete and confirmed for Microsoft’s certification testing, the last hurdle before release. The XBLA version will ship with an update, addressing some of the concerns fans voiced when it launched last month on other platforms.
  • Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition received an update that squashes a ton of bugs, and makes a few helpful changes. Go forth and mine, like you’ve never mined before.
  • Another round of games declared missing-in-action on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This last group brings the count up to 30 by our estimates, so take a moment to steel your nerves and observe those games that are no longer with us.
  • Lastly, Mars: War Logs shows off the first official screenshots, and they’re looking pretty good. If you’re into that whole dark, dirty, dead planet kind of thing.